Amilar Valna, Soverign of the Shores


Ten years ago and more the Kingdom of the Shores was an impoverished collection of city-states. Decades of misrule and squabbling had reduced this one-proud province to a land of the honorless and the downtrodden. It might have gone on this way until the end of an age, had Amilar Valna not come to the Shores.

With her she brought wise advisors, a vanguard of heroes, a small fleet of merchants, and a young family – all that remained to her when she left the Seventh Legion, a past she no longer speaks of. Her heroes and advisors brought order to the lands. Her merchants brought wealth to its cities. Her family won her the hearts of its citizens. Whatever she might have been before, Amilar Valna became the Sovereign of the Shores, respected queen and ruler.

Since then, Amilar has tamed both her unruly kingdom and its dark reflection in the underworld. When the sun is in the sky, she rules from the Woven Throne in the city of Phaedros. While she sleeps, her souls co-mingle and rule from the Throne of Coral, in Phaedros-That-Was in the underworld.

Valna brought three children with her to the Shores. She took Kellen Sky-Eyes as a consort soon after she became Sovereign, and has borne two more children by him. Her third child, Amilar Cetta, has been recently chosen by the Dragon of Air and may one day succeed her on the Woven Throne. Ilsadoth, her consort in the underworld, can give her no children.


Amilar Valna 500

Amilar Valna has the classic look of the Blessed Isle and the Seventh Legion, with dark eyes, black hair, and pale skin. Her face is often drawn with concern. She does not scowl, but her stares are enough to silence visiting dignitaries. She tends toward blue and purple clothing, and more toward simple and utilitarian garb.


Valna is a stern ruler. She brooks no nonsense or dissembling in her court or when she is traveling within the Shores. If she finds an event particularly amusing or touching, she may perhaps give a slight smile. The time when she shows the most interest is when a dinner guest tells stories of the wider world – she will call her children to listen, and watch with rapt fascination to any who can spin a tale of distant lands.

In the underworld, Valna is much the same as she is in the waking world. Perhaps there is a touch less emotion in her eyes, but she shows a tenderness to Ilsadoth that she does not share with Kellen.

Five years ago when there were bandits and foul creatures in the mountains north of the Shores, she covered herself in armor of blue-white jade and rode forth to face the danger with those heroes that still remained. They say that her anger was like the lightning on that day, her countenance like a storm that founders ships.

The Amilar children are beloved by the people – well-behaved, forthright, free with charity. On festival days, the people say that they can see Valna’s true heart appear, as she smiles at her children, laughs with them, holds their hands, and shows them the love that… no, but that is her story, and not ours to tell. If there is a touch of strain in her voice at these times, we shall say that we know not why.

Intimacies: “I am Queen here and none will usurp my power” (Defining), “We will never bow to the Realm” (Negative), “My people will thrive” (Major), “I thrill to the tales of distant lands” (Positive), “My children”


Amilar Valna is a capable and persuasive ruler, trained in handling both administrative matters and courtly events. She is also well-versed in occult lore and the history of Creation, especially matters related to the soul, the body, and language. When forced into battle, she wields a thin jade sword that returns to her hand at need.

Valna was chosen by the Air Dragon. Her essence helps her to study and understand more quickly, to couch one missive within another, and to write compellingly and with great beauty. She can see the flows of essence and the forms of spirits. Her essence also allows her to weave effective contracts and hold to her oaths against temptation. She can bring silence to a room or call a gale to speed a ship. When under great duress she has been known to summon lightning to strike down her foes, and to leap many meters into the air.

In an unusual twist, Valna’s essence is “shadowed” – talents that would normally lean to sorcery are bent instead towards necromancy. She can call, banish, and bind ghosts, see from one world into the other, give gifts to the dead that bind them to her service, send a ghost on to reincarnation, bend the boundary of a shadowlands toward the lands of creation or the underworld, and call a small but swift vessel that sails the seas of the underworld. Most uniquely, her souls go forth as a single being when she is asleep, so that she may rule the lands of the dead and the living at once. Despite being a necromancer, Valna does not deal with walking dead or other physical creations, considering them vulgar and disgusting.

Supporting Characters

  • Amilar Dalnos, an advisor and distant uncle who came to the Shores with Valna. Proud, discerning, cautious.
  • Kallindros Iron-mind, previous chieftain turned advisor to Valna. Ancient, crafty, brazen.
  • Amilar Cetta, third of Valna’s five children, recently chosen by the Air Dragon. Gracious, graceful, anxious.
  • Versha Timewatcher, palace doorwoman and retired guard. Polite, humorous, serious.
  • Raji Firehair, seneschal and head of the palace staff. Efficient, no-nonsense, enjoys games.


  • Why does Valna put up with Kellen?
  • Why doesn’t Valna talk about her past in Lookshy?
  • Is Cetta’s essence shadowed the way Valna’s is?

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