Ilsadoth, Consort in Shadow


Ilsadoth is a ghost. It has been over one hundred years since his death, and still he clings to the land where he lived. He was about forty-five years old when he died, murdered by Serranos during a bid to take over the Shores and bring it into the Wyld during Calibration. Ilsadoth’s victory over Serranos and his forces five years ago (with Valna‘s aid) is one of the proudest moments of his existence, and not just for the sweet taste of revenge.

Between his death and Valna’s arrival at the Shores, Ilsadoth made a reputation for himself by uniting the scattered ghosts who lived in the area. He was more chieftain than king, and more advisor than chieftain, but he was respected, and his words carried weight. He settled disputes both petty and weighty. He organized scouts and messengers to warn his citizens about dangerous hungry ghosts.

His people watched Amilar Valna for some time before deciding to reveal themselves. Necromancy gives even the weak initiates tremendous power over the dead, and Valna was no mere initiate. Ilsadoth eventually overruled his counselors, who would have preferred to hide themselves and their loved ones from her until she passed from the world. He approached Valna and offered the services of his network in exchange for the protection of ancestor-worship in the Shores. She agreed to that and more.

Now Ilsadoth serves at Valna’s left hand where Kellen should be her right. He has only minimal influence in Creation, but has a more-than-equal share of their rulership in the underworld.


Ilsadoth 500

Ilsadoth is a rugged-faced, dark-skinned man with several scars. His eyes are lions-mane gold. He dresses primarily in the somber robes that were common when he died decades ago.


Ilsadoth on the throne is everything one would expect from a ruler of the dead: impassive and wise, a bringer of justice. He is compassionate, but unafraid of difficult solutions. He defers to Valna’s rulership, but she defers to his judgement in matters of death.

When he takes off his crown of pearls, Ilsadoth is a softer man. He sees himself as a guide to the “restless departed,” as he puts it. He’s patient, compassionate, and persistent, with a great deal of empathy for those who have recently arrived in the underworld. He remembers being angrier and more passionate in life, but prefers the calmer, quieter self that he became after his death. He’s done mourning for his old self.

That’s what he’d like to believe, at least. His anger dwells within him still. Serranos brought that out when he reappeared. Ilsadoth believes that this was merely a relapse of sorts, but secretly he knows that the mindless rage of the hun soul is something he’s still capable of.

Intimacies: “My Queen is my love” (Positive), “Speak quietly until the time for rage is come” (Major), “Reincarnation is the true path – the dead should seek it eventually”, “The restless dead have unfinished business – they should finish it” (Defining), “Kellen Sky-Eyes” (Negative)


Ilsadoth knows the pathways of the underworld, its people and customs, and how to read its stars. His role over the last century gives him an unmatched network of allies, messengers, and ghostly warriors, which he has made an ally to the Shores.

Comfortable in his own essence, Ilsadoth can float softly through the air, manipulate shadow and sound, and see in the deepest darkness. He can see both the living world and the underworld, and manifest in the living world at night. He can even track, repel, and tame hungry ghosts, though he knows not to underestimate their power. Ilsadoth has not learned necromancy – he associates its use among ghosts with the influence of the Neverborn, and worries what their whispers might do to his mind and soul.

Supporting Characters

  • Kheroth, his chamberlain and confidante. Stuffy, clever, kind.
  • Old Huno, one of the Contagion Dead, oldest ghost in the Shores and occasional advisor to Ilsadoth. Canny, earnest, unhinged.
  • Oraisa Dark-Eyes, ghost-talker and medicine woman, Ilsadoth’s link to the mortal world before Valna arrived. Busy, talkative, disappointed.
  • Phrassa the Inquisitive, leader of Ilsadoth’s many scouts and messengers. Reserved, grumpy, anything but curious.


  • Ilsadoth knows much about the underworld and its workings, more than he could have learned from simple observation. Where did he learn this?
  • What does Valna see in Ilsadoth? Why did she take him as consort?
  • What is Ilsadoth’s plan if Valna turns on his people? Does she have a plan if he decides to betray her?
  • Who was Ilsadoth before his death? Why did he cling to existence?

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