Alambor the Tide Lord


Mighty lord of the tides, Alambor of the Dreaming Sea was raised to his current position after the Fair Folk were driven back from Threshold. As a major figure in the local spirit courts, every god in the Shores knows the story of his mortal child and their mutual rise to influence.

Alambor’s time has been fairly uneventful save when his life touched the lives of mortals. Such is the way of many gods. The most recent time that his life was joyously complicated was thirty years ago, when he fell in love with a mortal woman. She came out to watch the sea every day, and he felt the power of her gaze upon him. When he stepped from the waves on the night of the full moon to meet her, he found the kindest and most beautiful soul he had ever seen.

As lord of ebb and flow, marriage was not his way, but he returned every month to his beloved. The people of her city noticed, of course, and some objected quietly, but none could gainsay him – too many fishermen relied on him for their livelihoods. His sunken riches took good care of her, and provided for the inevitable child as well: Kellen Sky-Eyes.

Alambor was the first god to meet with Amilar Valna when she arrived at the Shores – or at least the first to treat her with respect. Her sailors readily agreed to pay Alambor the respect he was due in exchange for swift and safe travel. By this time his son, greedy as always for his father’s attention, was old enough to court Valna’s affections. To Alambor’s surprise, Kellen was successful. In the past few years Alambor has gracefully stepped down his involvement in Valna’s court and politics to give his son a little more room to grow. As has often been the case, Kellen refused to grow.

Most recently, Alambor met a ship approaching the Shores to warn them of a dangerous Wyld-born serpent beneath the waves, one beyond his power. His warning was not enough, and the creature attacked the ship. Before Alambor’s very eyes one of the travelers aboard, Otar Vaspasian, was chosen by the Sun and defeated the beast in a furious battle with his single hand. The sailors swore to keep Otar’s secret, but Alambor did not, and now he debates whether he should tell Valna of this young Chosen in her city.



Alambor has taken on the appearance of his primary worshippers, the sailors and fishermen who ply the Shores. He appears most often as a well-muscled, rough-shaven man with a confident air and a faint blue aura – though this can change with the time of day (see Abilities below). He has also sometimes appeared as a seagull, a giant sunfish, or a sea turtle.


Alambor is steady in some ways and changeable in others. He believes in tradition and duty. His spirit court is better kept than most, and sees to their duties with only a minimum of bribes. He cares for his family and watches over them. In these ways, he is as reliable as the sea itself.

From day to day, however, and even over the course of half an hour, Alambor can go from being calm and talkative to wrathful and tempestuous. If one weathers his storm, he will surely return to a calmer and more polite countenance. Do not expect an apology for the change – this is the way of his people. He is often unaware of the change. Whatever his reaction to someone, he takes it as merely temporary.

When it comes to his son Kellen, Alambor tries to be patient, but visibly finds it difficult. He often begins a conversation attempting to emulate a good father that he saw recently, and ends it by storming off. Of all the people of Creation, Alambor apologizes only to Kellen and Kellen’s mother.

Intimacies: “I will raise my son well” (Major), “My court will be the pride of the Dreaming Sea” (Defining), “I repay those who worship me”, “Be true to yourself and do not pretend to be otherwise” (Negative), “Eritha Sea-holder” (Positive)


As the Tide Lord, Alambor has control over the movement of the ocean. Its currents and its ebb and flow are all his to control. He can dredge material from the bottom of the sea, find people on the beach and in the water, and travel quickly along his domain. If driven into battle, he will rely more on physical power than magical power, though the black jade trident of his office provides him with an unbreakable magical weapon. When overmatched he can easily escape by diving into any body of water that connects to the sea.

All of his magical might applies only within the boundary of the Shores, and within sight of land. The sailors, fishermen, and traders at the Shores worship him each time they enter and leave port, and their belief gives him power. If he travels beyond that range, he can control only the water within his gaze, which can still be enough to sink small ships and drown swimmers. He will need to ride a ship or walk along the shore like any mortal.

Alambor’s power and visage vary with the tides. At high tide his body swells with muscle and sinew; the kelp that wraps his body tightens and appears as bands of leather armor. He becomes strong as an ox and swift as a riptide. When the tide is low, he has the strength and visage of a shrunken old man, and the kelp seems but poor rags. His magical power is unaffected by this change.

Unlike the potential that his son holds, Alambor’s power is purely literal – he has no influence over metaphorical tides.

Supporting Characters

  • T’emayara, Lady of Winds, who herds the clouds and gathers the storms. Quick-witted, mercurial, magnanimous.
  • Jereth Maize-King, who calls the fields to grow with his multi-colored horn. Observant, family-oriented, tedious.
  • Petra Unfilled, goddess of the rivers and deltas of the Shores. Languid, sensual, perpetually displeased.
  • Zallanastrammakannisti Sand-Sultan, god of the seashore and its creatures. Jovial, powerful, scatterbrained.


  • Who was Alambor before he became the Lord of Tides?
  • What other children does Alambor have?
  • What is Alambor’s agreement with Valna?

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