Chennai Sharpnose, Chosen of the Moon


Six years ago, Chennai Valwood was an adventurous young woman traveling down the Yellow River. Several unsavory folk attempted to fleece her of her earnings, hoping to use her debt against her later on. Unexpectedly, she suddenly found herself able to hear their whispers, see the small signs they made to one another, and smell their intent on them. She ended up duping all of them, sneaking off the boat, and impressing a more experienced Lunar who had expected that he would need to rescue her. Three months of mentorship later, Chennai took the name “Sharpnose” to indicate her new status as a member of the Silver Pact.

Then she was nearly killed by the Wyld Hunt.

She, her mentor Nokura the Grey, and three other Lunars had gathered in the wilderness south of Nexus as a sort of makeshift moot, to honor her elevation to full member of the Pact. Five dragon-blooded and their soldiers swept in, including a pair of Immaculates. Chennai herself was nearly killed, drowned in her own blood. Nokura the Grey was driven into hibernation by horrible wounds left by a blade of fire. The five of them barely escaped with their lives.

Since then Chennai has been brave but careful. She and her packmates restored Nokura to health, traveled the southeastern lakes in search of a lost tribe of pelagials, and denied the hated Scum of Heaven a foothold along the Dreaming Sea. Recently they have gone their separate ways for a year, each pursuing their own interests, and Chennai has been exploring on her own.

Chennai wants safety, but she also loves exploration too much to ignore that. She wants, in animal terms, a safe burrow from which she can explore the world, and to which she can return in case of danger. This brings her to the Shores, and to the abandoned manses in the mountains to the north. For more on Chennai’s current exploits, see the entry for her new ally Longface.


Chennai Sharpnose 500

Chennai is light-skinned and brown-haired, with blue-green eyes. She wears rugged traveler’s clothing in a variety of colors. Many mistake the markings on her face for odd makeup, or for simple dirt and smudging from her long time in the wilderness.


Chennai enjoys exploration. It’s not easy to see on her face, but she loves finding new places and uncovering their secrets. From hidden mountain caves to lost manses, from concealed rooms to the invisible flows of essence, Chennai delights in the world’s secrets. She also has an excellent memory for them, and picks up both lore and languages easily. When another brings up her favorite subject it is difficult for her to stop talking about her discoveries, even if it would be beneficial for her to keep them to herself.

She’s also very literal-minded, and despite her Charm set, has poor intuition for what other people might do. She often misses subtle communication and gestures. She has accepted occasional misunderstandings as a part of her life. Others are not always as forgiving, so she rarely settles down in one place for long. When she is nervous she rubs her index fingers against her thumbs to soothe herself. Her previous pack helped her find more of her inner self, and she misses them.

Chennai rarely makes eye contact when speaking, but tries not to mumble, at least when speaking to others. She mutters to herself fairly often.

Intimacies: “I must have a safe home” (Major), “Allies are more trustworthy than friends” (Positive), “The Realm is my enemy” (Negative), “Uncover secrets” (Defining)


Chennai is a No-Moon Lunar. Her totem animal is the marten.

As an experienced adventurer, Chennai knows how to stay fed and healthy in the wilderness, as well as how to read the weather and the land. She can hunt with a bow and snares, and is a fair hand at sailing.

Chennai’s essence allows her to sharpen her senses, both physical and mystical. She can see the flow of essence, tap out secret doors, smell emotions, feel her way in the dark by wind currents. Some day this may become more instinctual for her, but at the moment she must focus her intent in order to do so. She can also bolster her resistance to magical influence, such as that of the Fair Folk, and can help others heal their wounds more quickly. She is a novice sorceress, concentrating on countermagic and the summoning of elementals.

Chennai was taught how to fight by a grizzly bear and a wolverine, and while she didn’t take to all the lessons, she still knows how to send people and animals recoiling in fear. Her war-form is equipped with ferocious claws and long, sharp teeth. She moves quickly and aggressively in battle, counting on her supernal healing abilities to let her strike, retreat, heal, and come back to finish the job.

Supporting Characters

  • Wolsung, her contact within the Silver Pact. Towering, soft-hearted, slow to anger.
  • Ilia Ramsherd, a shepherd who took in Chennai and treated her well for a time. Sheltered, kind-hearted, industrious.
  • Shellturner, a beach spirit who has been following Chennai for a few weeks. Talkative, fascinated, quick to hide.


  • How will Chennai react to Iselsi Umon‘s presence?
  • How close is Chennai to rebuilding or reactivating the broken manses of the Shores?
  • What will Chennai do once she has a home? If allowed to settle in the Shores, what will her next move be?
  • Are Chennai’s pack members following her here? Are other members of the Wyld Hunt tracking her?

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