Longface, the Explorer


In the hills nearby live the Tall Folk. To the people of the Shores they are beings of legend – giants, silent and watchful, frightening and distant. They appear in fairy tales and childrens’ stories as creatures of stone and wood. In truth, the Tall Folk do live in those hills, and have since before the downfall of the Primordials. While the legends exaggerate on many fronts, they are more truth than fabrication.

Longface is a rarity amongst her people: an explorer. Most of the Tall Folk keep to their own people in the hills and mountains north of the Shores, far from the Soft People. They live in villages carved into the stone centuries ago. Longface walks the hills and forests, finding the secret pathways that connect the ancient ruined manses, noting each leaning obelisk and fallen statue.

Two things have been particularly interesting for Longface in the past year. First, she has seen a creature of darkness, with crimson claws and wild eyes, traveling through the woods from one Soft People village to another. She has seen it kill without hesitation or mercy, and is greatly frightened of it. Her people fear ghosts, for they have no defense against them.

Second, she met Chennai Sharpnose. Chennai has been investigating the ruined manses north of the Shores, so it’s inevitable that the two would meet. Longface values Chennai’s company, and Chennai seems to find Longface valuable in her own way, so the two have traveled together often recently.



Longface seems to be made partly of wood and partly of clay, with bark-like skin. She is slim and athletic, with large, prominent eyes and a face that matches her name. Longface is about seven feet tall.


Patient, quiet, contemplative, at one with nature. Longface found her home in the wilderness, and loves every bit of it. She is as comfortable under a downpour as she is at a campfire. Her smile has worn lines in her face from years of comfort in the wild.

Longface rarely interacts with the Soft People. When she does, it is usually to rescue a badly injured traveler or share a bit of food, and she prefers to do these under cover of darkness.

Chennai brings out a different side of Longface. She was never talkative, but having someone around who speaks even less than she has made Longface practically gregarious by comparison. Longface has found that she values Chennai’s company greatly, and wishes that the Tall Folk could interact with the Soft People without fear.

Intimacies: “I will gain recognition and respect for my people” (Major), “I will watch over the secret paths of the Shores” (Defining), “Keep careful records”, “My feet are bound to travel” (Positive), “I fear and avoid the dead” (Negative)


Longface is a skilled tracker, hunter, scavenger, and mapper. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of local flora and fauna. She is a passable poet. Longface is also an excellent shot with a thrown rock or a sling. Her eyes are sharp, though her hearing is not. While her stony, bark-like skin can turn blows, she does still bleed if wounded. She is a slow but tireless runner.

In a satchel around her waist Longface carries a handful of useful items she has discovered over the years – an orb that glows when she sings, a compass that points to an unknown location in the northeast, a folding box with two separate interiors, a knife so sharp she keeps it in a scabbard of rock. She has no control over her essence, and so has seen a dozen artifacts without ever being able to activate one of them.

Longface has explored the land north of the Shores this for many dozens of years, and may do so for hundreds more. Her people are long-lived and resilient. She speaks only a heavily accented form of Old Realm.

Supporting Characters

  • Volonthos Ghostbane, a would-be hero who went to explore the northern manses last year and was saved by Longface when he broke his leg. Acerbic, disillusioned, grateful.
  • Benbin One-Tooth, an old hermit who saw Longface a few years back and thinks he knows where she might live. Talkative, humorous, malodorous.
  • Siltwalker, Longface’s distant cousin and closest friend. Reclusive, thoughtful, concerned.


  • How many people in the Shores know that the Tall Folk are real? Would they accept them or hunt them down? What would Valna’s reaction be?
  • What will Longface do to safeguard her people?
  • Do the Tall Folk even want recognition, or do they want to remain hidden?

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