Otar Vaspasian, Chosen of the Sun


The Vaspasian family is famous in certain regions of the South as merchants, traveling along the southern edge of the Dreaming Sea and out toward the endless dunes. They trade cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and a wide variety of other spices, but they also trade in slaves.

Otar and his brother Tavar found this distasteful; all the more so as they grew older. Perhaps it was their stepfather’s influence, brought to the family from a distant land. Perhaps it was their friendship with a child they later saw sold. Regardless of the source of the feeling, the two of them agreed that they could not be part of this – they would leave their family as soon as they were able. Otar’s brother left four years ago across the Dreaming Sea. This past year, Otar followed his path, hoping to find him.

The passage was nearly complete, and land just within sight. The Lord of the Tides appeared, a sign of good luck, to guide them to the shore. Suddenly a terrible beast leapt from the depths, snapping at the vessel and demanding tribute. It was at that very moment that Otar was chosen by the Sun. Blazing with solar glory, he defeated the serpent with nothing more than his bare fist and a harpoon that had been left on the deck. The battle terrified and exhilarated him as he remembered snatches of strategy from past lives. Realizing the peril he was in when he reached shore, Otar swore the sailors to secrecy. Terrified, they agreed.

Now Otar is in Phaedros, seeking his lost brother, and hoping that the sailors do not talk too much when they’re drunk. His hopes are not high. He has heard rumors of a “Shining Hope,” and wonders if she might be Solar as he is. He has also heard of ruined manses to the north, and is considering traveling there, in the hopes that he will find something to point toward Tavar… or toward the legacy that now burns in Otar’s mind.


Otar Vaspasian

Otar is a young, slim man with brown skin and short-cropped hair. He wears simple clothing, tending toward off-white pants and an open shirt. His left arm ends in a stump at his wrist, and has since his birth.


Otar is naturally friendly and enjoys jesting. When he has his leisure, Otar can be both carefree and careless.

However, right now Otar is on the run and trying to hide. He’s awful at it. He hangs out in shady bars, where he sticks out badly. He tries to cover his face, then ends up with his hat brim so low that he can’t see where he’s going. He would have been robbed blind the day he arrived if not for a strange instinct that guides his hands to slap away pickpockets. He’s polite, bumbling, overwhelmed, and barely holding together. He’s never sure whose words will come out of his mouth – his, or that of an older self. He’ll avoid just about any social situation. Naturally, that isn’t helping him track down his brother.

Don’t try to defend cruelty or slavery in front of him, though. He remembers enough of that from this life, and the memories from the First Age just cement how he already feels. If a loud sermon is all you get, consider yourself lucky.

Intimacies: “Darkness must be purged” (Defining), “Slavery is wrong” (Negative), “I will find my brother” (Positive), “I will understand what’s happening to me” (Major)

Limit Trigger: Hearing others defend injustice – even something that Otar himself did wrong – and being either unable to change their mind or unwilling to take the time to argue.
Typical Virtue Flaw: Belligerent Argument. Otar will turn to violence to “win” the argument. He won’t kill intentionally, but he will use potentially dangerous force and channel his essence in ways that can draw unwanted attention.


Otar’s upbringing taught him to read, write, do figures, dance, and trade. He’s resilient and stalwart. He’s perceptive, if not overly clever. He and his brother learned how to fight from the family bodyguard.

Otar is also a Dawn-caste Solar, and his awakened essence guides him in a multitude of ways. He can deflect blades and teeth with his hands and wrestle wild animals. He can speak with captivating energy. Supernatural coercion has little hold on him, especially when he pursues his beliefs. Finally, Otar is able to see patterns in mercantile or criminal behavior, especially when it’s directed toward him.

He will become stronger quickly as time goes on, and the personalities of his prior incarnations will meld more smoothly into his present self. Until then, he’s still a little confused. He’s much better when operating on instinct than when he tries to puzzle things through.

Supporting Characters

  • Rhanod White-eyes, an old man who has given Otar a room in exchange for work. Kindly, slow, stubborn.
  • Perra Waterfoot, a young woman who makes nets on the dock and has eyes for Otar. Diligent, outgoing, poor.
  • Gapha the Minstrel, whom Otar pays for news each morning. Flashy, garrulous, mercenary.
  • Ibiqa Resha, a fellow southern traveler who came on the boat. Brash, clever, worried.


  • Who will recruit Otar first? Will someone else change his mind?
  • Is the sea serpent that he fought still out there waiting for him?
  • Who has Otar’s family hired to track him down?
  • Who and what was Otar in his past life? Does he remember being hunted down by the Wyld Hunt during prior incarnations?

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