Ixar, Priestess of Chaos


Ixar, witch-woman of the villages. Ixar, sage of chaos and voice of the Fair Folk. Ixar, who sold her second name for power. Her title is whispered in many places throughout the Shores, though never in front of the royal family. Let people go to their local barbers and witch-doctors when they need a poultice or a love potion. Ixar provides respect. Ixar provides power. Ixar gives you revenge.

As a young woman, some sixty years ago, Ixar’s family came the the Shores from an island deep in the Dreaming Sea. Her consciousness had been touched by the Wyld during the journey, and was open to its influence still. As she laid sick in her bed, Wyld-born Serranos waited no time opening the gate in her mind. He whispered to her of the glory and beauty of the Fair Folk, and his voice near wept as he told her of the wonders that could be hers. Still sick from her passage, harried by memories of the Wyld and lured by a honeyed voice, young Ixar reached for glory.

Since then, Ixar has brought many into the secret worship of the Fair Folk, and of Serranos in particular. She has received nothing but wonder, beauty, and influence from Serranos over the years, and if there had been pain and madness at some time, those were merely more memories to sell to him. She is his high priestess. He is her mad, beautiful god.

Ixar does request certain actions of her cult members. Most of them serve to weaken Creation in various ways. She presumes that this will allow Serranos the Fair to someday manifest his glory in Creation. That may or may not be true.

Recently, Yatna the Yellow introduced Ixar to Shimmering Hope, with the goal of empowering Hope to stand against Alimar Valna. Ixar was glad to comply, imbuing Hope with power from Serranos. Yatna assumed that the price for such empowerment would be paid in mere money. This will not turn out to be the case.



Ixar seems to be a beautiful young woman with fair skin and golden hair. Her eyes have the appearance and shimmer of of mother-of-pearl. She is confident of her beauty, and enjoys teasing others with it or pretending to modesty.


Most people think that the person they meet is not actually Ixar. Ixar, the witch who has served the Shores for threescore years, could not be this beautiful, exotic young woman. Surely this enchanting, clear-voiced maiden could never wield such power. This one must be a go-between. She only works the front counter. Ixar must be a warted crone the back room.

Ixar does little to disabuse them of this notion, referring to “Ixar the great” and “all-powerful Ixar” as if she were a different person. Her mind is a house of a thousand rooms, and she lives in one while entertaining guests in another. In a closet, somewhere, the woman she once was weeps.

When she walks the Shores, Ixar is a social chameleon. She mimics those around her to blend in, often taking on a servile or deferential role. She never mentions her true work. When stressed or confronted, her persona slams into place all the more firmly, and she looks for a scapegoat. She is not above pretending at helplessness, crying to escape and laughing about it later.

Ixar’s relationship with Serranos is dysfunctional as best.

Intimatices: “Fools deserve to have someone take advantage of them” (Major), “They’re all fools” (Negative), “There is no morality save power” (Defining), “The Fair Folk are the rightful rulers of Creation” (Positive)


Ixar is an intelligent, crafty cult leader. She has little charisma, but a great sense of showmanship. A little smoke, a few mirrors, and her beauty does the rest. She does have some knowledge of herbs and the nature of the elements, but she has relied on Serranos’ gifts so long that this knowledge is rusty.

Ixar has bargained much of herself and her soul away to Serranos. (He, who could give his gifts for free, laughs at this in his quiet hours.) In return she has many endowments that others would envy. Her body will be young and beautiful until the day she dies, and that day is far off. She can hear the influence of creatures and powers from beyond Creation, such as ghosts and the Fair Folk. She can smell blood, and thus living beings, at great distances. When threatened (or merely insulted) she can call forth pyre-flame from her gullet and burn the offending individuals to ash.

Supporting Characters

  • Jekk Ironmind, magical assistant and unsubtle spy. Shifty, belligerent, silent.
  • Terais Broken-reed, the leader of Ixar’s cult in Phaedros. Worldly, high-class, deceptive.
  • Raethos the Boatman, who ferries Ixar about in the evenings. Strong, reliable, mute.
  • Inkos Longstride, who has infiltrated the Phaedros guards. Observant, loyal, needy.


  • What might make Ixar turn on Serranos?
  • How many people has Ixar gifted with Serranos’ power?

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