Yatna the Yellow, Merchant Queen


When she came to the Shores, Alimar Valna brought with her a small fleet of merchants to restore prosperity to the region. Chief amongst them was Yushoto Yatna, with dreams of profits and power dancing in her head.

When the Shores proved more impoverished than expected, and profits more difficult to obtain, Yatna turned to the Guild for assistance. Goods from the shadowlands of the Shores proved easier to sell through the Guild, and Yatna’s dreams seemed within reach. For several years she rose through the Guild’s ranks.

Unfortunately, Yatna found herself stymied by Valna’s wariness of the Guild and her unwillingness to open more avenues of trade. She considered turning to smuggling, but allies within the Guild convinced her to attempt a different approach: deposing Valna.

Yatna knew she didn’t have the personal charisma to lead the Shores, but she was close friends with Sephra Longhand (now known as Shimmering Hope), mayor of Tsannia, one of the largest cities in the Shores. The two of them hatched a plan to replace Valna as Sovereign of the Shores. However, they knew they’d need supernatural aid to accomplish this, which is where Ixar enters their story.

Yatna keeps mobile, riding her ships as they move from Shimmering Hope’s city to Valna’s capital in Phaedros and back again. She spends a few days in each city as her ships unload.


Yatna the Yellow

Yatna always wears her signature yellow head-scarf in public. She has a large frame, light brown skin, tawny eyes, and carefully plucked eyebrows. She dresses appropriately for every occasion, taking full advantage of the large wardrobe aboard her ship.


Yatna is brash, loudmouthed, and demanding. She also knows how far she can push these things. She doesn’t care if you find her annoying, but she’ll be more polite if she thinks you’re a customer. Yatna has many hidden depths, but she is always a merchant.

Economical metaphors pepper Yatna’s speech. She’s used to talking about everything as if it were a commodity. She’s fully aware of the irony of this, and enjoys seeing others wince at her puns. Her laughter is both loud and contagious, which makes it all the more cutting when she directs it at some “fool scheme”or “ridiculous idea” that someone brings to her.

Behind closed doors, Yatna is very much the same, save that she smiles more and takes pity more easily. She doesn’t show this side to her employees.

Intimatices: “Everything is for sale” (Defining), “I will attain my rightful place in the Guild” (Major), “It doesn’t need to come to violence”, “Kellen Sky-Eyes” (Positive), “Keep business separate from pleasure”, “Amilar Valna needs to be taken down a notch” (Negative)


Yatna is a canny and skilled merchant queen. She commands a fleet of a dozen ships, with extensive reserves of both currency and tradeable goods. She can do figures faster than any of her employees, and knows the most recent price of goods at any port on the Dreaming Sea. Few would call her charismatic, but many refer to her as “commanding” or “assertive.” She is especially good at reading faces and emotions. While she carries a sword, she has no skill in using it, relying on her bodyguard for defense.

She has no command over her own essence.

Supporting Characters

  • Ophid Utana, captain of her flagship the Brightly Burning. Sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued, cautious.
  • Ophid Rano, Yatna’s bookkeeper and accountant. Pious, thoughtful, secretive.
  • Balto the Supplicant, Yatna’s contact with the Guild and the originator of her current plan. Guarded, intense, secretive.
  • Zartan of the Dunes, her well-muscled bodyguard. Stern, good memory, loves kittens.


  • Does the Guild truly support Yatna’s bid to control the Shores, or only a few allies? Are they even really allies, or are they trying to undermine her?
  • How close it Yatna with Alimbor the Tide King? If her vessel is pursued, will he help her or hinder her?

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