Iselsi Umon, Agent of the Realm


House Iselsi’s fall from grace is well-known across Creation. Their current role is not. Iselsi Umon fits that role to a T. She is a clever, ambitious, gifted daughter of the dragons who, partly through her own actions and partly through circumstance, is on the final mission of her career.

Forty years ago, Umon was an Immaculate monk and a member of the Wyld Hunt. She had been told from a young age that her family was counting on her to restore their honor, and the pressure of that led her to train hard in the martial arts. Her fellow monks felt that she had overcome the stigma of her fallen house, and awarded her efforts with rank and respect. Not quite enough rank to keep her from the front lines of the hunt for Anathema, though – after all, disgrace is disgrace. Still, she managed to gain additional favor through the success of her hunt, and rose to command it.

All of this came crashing down six years ago, when her Hunt found a nest of Lunars. Five of the Realm’s finest and most powerful, plus fifteen trained soldiers, against what should have been two honorless barbarians chosen by the moon. Umon allowed herself to be convinced into the attack by her overeager lieutenants. It should have been safe, or as safe as such things can be. Instead, there were five of the damned moon-children. When the smoke and blood was done, all five of them had escaped, and four of the Realm’s finest were dead on the floor – all of the Wyld Hunt but Umon.

Held in a cell, awaiting execution, she was approached by the All-Seeing Eye, the Realm’s intelligence agency. They gave her the opportunity to restore her rank, in time… if she were willing to do a few favors for them. Their training was swift, intense, and comprehensive, and she showed an unexpected aptitude for it..

Since then, Umon has served the Realm in a new way, reporting on kingdoms in Threshold and occasionally sending certain souls on their way to reincarnation. She comes to the Shores with a mandate to ensure that it could not be a beachhead for the Deathlords. Alimar Valna should ideally make her kindgdom a tributary to the Realm and agree to take steps to close the shadowlands. If not, her reign must end.


Iselsi Umon

Iselsi Umon has the dark hair and eyes of the Blessed Isle. She has light skin and stormy blue eyes so dark they are nearly black – the one place that her elemental gift displays itself visibly. She commonly wears clothing that covers her from head to toe, revealing only her beautiful eyes.


As with most spies, few would suspect Umon of being a secret agent. She acts like everything that the Immaculate Order tells people not to become, and lo and behold she is popular. A few simple Charms conceal her true origin, and her role as Kellen‘s “flavor of the month” insures that her beauty is expected rather than surprising.

Umon’s greatest goal in life is the restoration of her honor and her house’s honor. She will do whatever she must to bring House Iselsi respect in the eyes of the other Great Houses. When others speak of the dragon-blooded, she is betrayed not by her expression or her words, but only in that she pays a touch more attention to the conversation.

Intimacies: “I will restore my house’s honor” (Defining), “The Realm is my home” (Major), “I follow the Immaculate philosophy” (Positive), “Those who derelict their duties imperil their souls” (Negative)


Iselsi Umon is a skilled spy and martial artist. In addition, her essence flows through her in a dozen different powerful ways.

As a spy, she is a consummate investigator and undercover agent. She can track and shadow even wary individuals. Her memory, excellent since birth, has been sharpened and tuned to collect subtle details. On the rare occasions that she is discovered, she melts away like mist, leaving no trace of her presence. She is also capable of hearing conversations at great distances, and whispering to far-away allies on the winds.

Umon reveals her impressive fighting prowess only in situations where her true role will not be discovered. She is trained in the style of the Water Dragon, which she practices bare-handed. Umon is capable of dodging arrows, hurling opponents with the force of their own momentum, dissipating blows with her anima, escaping bonds and grapples, cancelling charms, stealing essence, and painfully reversing the flow of blood in a body. She is capable of perfect defense, though at painful cost to herself. All of these are still more costly to her now that she serves the Immaculate faith in name rather than in deed, but she has refined her essence for years and has power to spare.

Supporting Characters

  • Iselsi Honta, Umon’s contact within the All-Seeing Eye. Calm, analytical, distant.
  • Viia Cloud-hair, a servant of Kellan’s with whom Umon has made friends. Friendly, exasperated, curious.
  • Aphala Sea-Hair, Umon’s current cover identity. Flighty, demure, intense.


  • Does Umon know just how many Iselsi are still in places of power in Threshold? Does she understand the full extent of their ruse?
  • Was Umon set on this mission as a final punishment, or does the Realm truly not understand what’s going on here?

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