Still Reading

I’m finally through the Charms chapter. God, what a slog. Without the visual aid of the charm trees, it’s really difficult to see how things fit together, and the way that the fluff and rules are interwoven makes it really hard to skim usefully. I kept pushing through, saying “I’m gonna read them all, dammit!” and then, after I finished, there were more charms (Martial Arts), and I just couldn’t bring myself to care about how cool they were. I was just done. I’ll read them another day; I skipped to Sorcery instead, which was much more interesting and nicely done.

My favorite charm set was Stealth; I thought there were some great applications of the concept that I hadn’t seen before. Occult and Lore were fun too. I’ve been submitting corrections where I find them, mostly on the larger level and less on the “you’re missing a space between these words” level because I know other people will find those just fine.

Now I’m working my way through the Antagonists chapter, which I think will be one of the most useful pieces for this particular project. I really like the essence cheat sheets and Excellency limit tables – nice, straightforward, useful information. The detailed charm writeups I could do without, but I’m also used to improvisation and to Exalted in general. Tell me someone can “guide their strikes with their essence” and give me the Excellency rules and I’ll figure it out from there, especially after reading the whole Charms chapter.

I’m hoping to get working on Red Jade Canyon again this weekend.


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