Done Reading!

…well, mostly.

I’m going back through for improved understanding on certain topics, especially combat chargen, and crafting. Other than that, though, I made it all the way through.

It’s quite a good game overall. (Thank god – otherwise I’d feel kind of silly about this site.) I like nearly all of the subsystems. Even sailing, something I normally don’t care much about, comes across as fun and sensible. Hell, the grapping system is sensible, and decent grappling systems are tough to find. The setting is roughed out, with no place in detail, but that’s to be expected with a book and world this large – and really, thats how I like it.

With the extra time it took to read now freed up, I’ve been able to make some progress on Red Jade Canyon, as well as putting together basic stats for characters in The Shores. The QC stats in Exalted are ok, but they’re too detailed in some places (charms) and not detailed enough in others (you have to look up weapon accuracy to make a decisive attack, and Overwhleming ratings for most every withering attacks). I’m still considering exactly what my stat blocks will look like. I’ll post them here once I’ve settled.


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