Relationship Map for Red Jade Canyon

I’ve got two more characters to go for Red Jade Canyon. All of them could use a little more detail (their supporting characters, especially), and a little more polish, but they’re getting really close. I think I’ll be able to start putting them out next week.

In the meantime, here’s the relationship map for Red Jade Canyon. Click for a larger version, or scroll down for descriptive text.

Red Jade Canyon relationship map

Names are long in Red Jade Canyon. If you’re having trouble parsing them, just take the first few syllables – that’s what they do here for nicknames, so shortening names will fit perfectly.

Unlike the heavily interlinked map of The Shores where everyone is interconnected before events start taking place, Red Jade Canyon is really split into four groups: those in power or close to it, those in the demon cult, the outsiders, and the Wyld Hunt. Each of these groups can be used independently, or (as always) you can just take one of the characters on their own to use in your own game.

  • Rendanishak, Master of Red Jade Canyon…
    • Has a relationship of tense respect with Ieska
  • Ieska, Goddess of the Ash Storms
    • Has a relationship of tense respect with Rendanishak
    • Is perpetually annoyed with Kushi
  • Kushi, The Tinker Goddess
    • Is curious about Ieska
    • Is sad about Damashentano
  • Damashentano, Deposed Mine Foreman
    • Resents Rendanishak
  • Mnemon Bidra, Chosen of the Earth Dragon
    • Feels little for her companions
  • Cathak Yento, Chosen of the Water Dragon
    • Obeys Mnemon Bidra out of obligation
    • Loves his sister Ophilla
  • Cathak Ophilla, Chosen of the Fire Dragon
    • Is in awe of Mnemon Bidra
    • Loves her brother Yento
  • Siltanakkado, Leader of the Demon Cult
    • Hates Rendanishak
    • Lusts after Hearttoucher
  • Fedinta, Demon-calling Prodigy
    • Is afraid of Siltanakkado
    • Both loves and resents Hearttoucher
  • Hearttoucher, Fleshcrafting Demon
    • Cares little for those around her
  • Lady Shafallika, Master of the Desert Cavalry
    • Respects Multaniko
  • Multaniko, Chosen of the Moon
    • Is concerned for Lady Shafallika
    • Has ancient enmity with Eight-Ways Ready
  • Eight-Ways Ready, Chosen of Battles
    • Has ancient enmity with Multaniko
  • Baltana Vaspasian, Guild Representative
    • Doesn’t even know that Eight-Ways Ready is right there next to him.

As with The Shores, I’ll link this to the character pages when they go up.


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