Art notes

My artistic skills are not the greatest. I’ve developed a bit of experience when it comes to layout, and I can draw a mean stick figure, but in general I’m not much of an artist.

However, I’m also saving up for a vacation in Scotland. I can’t afford to buy high-quality professional art for this particular project. I’m also unwilling to take advantage of new artists by paying them peanuts, or worse, “paying in exposure” (i.e. not paying them). Instead, I’ve decided to challenge my own ability here and try to improve my artistic skills.

The base art for Red Jade Canyon (and for The Shores before it) comes from, an apparently reputable site despite the name. I dig through for good stock art, buy a week’s subscription, and get as much as I can at once. In each setting I’m going to try to achieve a particular look. In The Shores I tried to get a watercolor look. Red Jade Canyon is a grittier place, thus the grunge look. The backgrounds you’ll see for RJC comes mostly from MorgueFile, with a few from other places too. The next setting is a more “traditional” fantasy setting in the North. I may see if I can create a “cell-shaded” look for that, or I might save that for the West. I’ll be doing some experimentation.

I’m happy with most of the pieces so far, but there are definitely some that I’d like to improve. I don’t want it to look like I just threw on a bunch of filters at the images. Commentary is welcome. The more specific you can be with it, the better!


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