Damashentano, Deposed Mine Foreman


The Da family has worked the mines since the early days of this age. Their long years of hard-won expertise led to a hereditary position as overseer. As a child, Dama watched his grandmother organize the miners. When she died, his father took up the job. When his father died twenty-six years ago, he stepped in. Year after year, the Da family kept the mines in order and kept the Realm happy with their copious exports.

Last year, however, the jade mine collapsed. Accusations flew in many directions, but most squarely at Damashen, who had been busy with family illness and delayed his annual inspection of the shafts until after Calibration. Damashen proclaimed his innocence – said it must have been sabotage – but his defenders were too few and too quiet. Even Rendan, who had been his ally for over two decades, called Damashen out and removed him from power. That he is paid in his forced retirement is little consolation.

Now Damashen spends most of his days in The Slag, a tavern run by one of his supporters. Surrounded by his oldest compatriots (most of them likewise removed from the mines by the incident or simply old age), he drinks away his failure and angrily considers what he might do with his remaining years. He doesn’t expect to be listened to or respected again, perhaps ever.

Damashen is disillusioned with Rendanishak as a leader, but knows that with the Ash Goddess‘ support Rendan is impossible to remove… and he’s not really sure he wants to be involved in a coup anyway. Recently, he has been confronted with exactly this choice. Siltan approached him, offering a vague possibility of revenge against his former master. Dama turned him down, but not very firmly, and he knows Siltan will be back someday soon, offering again.


Damashentano 500

Damashentano is old and weathered, with seams of dirt deep in his skin that time will not remove. He wears a large blue turban with a prayer for luck around the top, and the fine bright white and colored clothing that he could never have worn in the mines. His salt-and-pepper beard extends halfway down his chest. He makes sure he is well-groomed when he leaves home, to keep up some appearances, but the entire town knows how he stumbles back most nights.


Damashen is angry and feels ignored. He doesn’t want revenge – well, perhaps just a little revenge – but he does want his job back. He wants to feel useful again. He wants to be heard and vindicated. His men describe him as compassionate, but that side of him is hard to bring out these days.

Intimacies: “They will see the truth” (Major), “Mining is in my blood” (Defining), “Rendanishak is a jerk” (Negative), “My family” (Positive), “I owed my family better”


As a foreman, Damashen was responsible for overseeing the backbreaking work of mining. He is perceptive, able to spot mistakes and mishaps waiting to happen. He had difficulty learning to keep the books of the mine, and worked hard for years to understand figures and sums. He can plan and oversee construction projects, knows where to dig and where to leave alone, and even has a little understanding of geomancy passed down through the generations.

Dama used to get in brawls back when he was younger, but hasn’t fought since he became foreman. At his age he doesn’t pack much of a punch.

Supporting Characters

  • Dateshenti, his daughter. Stubborn, capable, concerned.
  • Kathambhalando, new mine foreman. Prompt, meticulous, ashamed.
  • Dafasakallo, Damashen’s cousin and his old assistant at the mines.
  • Ishikasha, the woman who runs the bar. Gregarious, easy-going, fed up.


  • How many of the miners would support Damashen’s return to power?
  • Will Damashen approach Mnemon Bidra in a bid to run the mines for her, or will he side with Rendan despite his resentment?

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