Mnemon Bidra, Chosen of the Earth Dragon


House Mnemon demands perfection. These demands begin at a young age. As soon as a child can walk, she is expected to walk with poise. As soon as she can write, her calligraphy is expected to be both beautiful and legible. The moment she can lift a sword, she is expected to defend herself with it. All children fall short of these expectations, and none are excused for it. To be a member of House Mnemon is to represent the greatest house in the Realm, and there are no excuses permitted here.

You can perhaps understand why Mnemon Bidra is who she is. A veteran of inter-House squabbles, wars in Threshold, and the Wyld Hunt, Bidra has faced down her fellow Dragon-blooded, Fair Folk, demons, anathema, and more, and come out knowing that her might was finally worthy of the expectations laid on it. She recognizes the role of others in this, especially others from her house. She doesn’t claim to have single-handedly defeated any foes in her time in the Wyld Hunt (though in some cases this is true). Instead she lays the glory at the feet of the Realm itself and those who brought her to this point.

Bidra has not neglected her duties at home. She has borne ten children for the Realm, four of whom have been chosen by the dragons, and two of whom have died in skirmishes with the barbarian anathema in Threshold. All is as it should be in her life. Many have suggested to her that it may be time to for her return to her family’s holdings on the Blessed Isle. She is beginning to regretfully agree with them – not because her power is failing her in her middle age, but because that strength will soon be needed at home.

There is one more mission for her, however: one that is of great strategic importance. It took nearly half a year for the Realm to discover that tribute had stopped flowing from Red Jade Canyon, another season to decide what to do about it, and several months for its agents to make the journey south along the treacherous ash-filled mountains. With civil war looming, House Mnemon has instructed one of its most ruthless daughters to determine the source of the problem at Red Jade Canyon and eliminate it. Bidra intends to do exactly that.

Her sources in the All-Seeing Eye implied that her presence here would be necessary for more than mere negotiation. She finds this unlikely. What could there be in this backwater to present her with any true danger? It didn’t show any true resistance twenty years ago when she was here last; it won’t show any now.


Mnemon Bidra 500

Bidra has the ageless face of an experienced Dragon-Blood. She has light skin and brown eyes. Her stare is often distant, as if she were considering other matters, which makes it all the more disconcerting when she focuses her gaze on someone. She wears her long dark brown hair up and out of the way, in complex patterns that are her one concession to fashion. To keep the ashfall off her beautifully printed silk clothing, she carries a parasol whose shaft is a solid rod of engraved black jade. When she walks, her steps carry the weight of the Earth Dragon.


Calculating and centered. Graceful and gracious, but capable of unleashing her ruthlessness at a moment’s notice. Bidra demands the same grace, willpower, and sharp mind from others that she has developed over the course of more than a century. It means nothing that they are incapable of it. The expectations stand. If anyone tries to be evasive, give excuses, or especially if they lie to her to save their own skin, she will have them backed against a wall with the pure force of her personality.

Though few have seen it, Bidra has a little smile that comes out in more difficult battles, especially ones that she thinks she’s going to win. There’s a rush and glory to combat that fills her heart and lets her turn loose in a way that the rest of her life doesn’t.

When she sees Lady Shafallika‘s forces outside the canyon, Bidra will take little time to decide that letting the battle play out and mopping up the survivors will be the best way to handle things. It will be difficult to convince her to get involved. She doesn’t believe Shafallika’s claims to invulnerability. It is likely that Bidra will offer Shafallika the chance to run the mines if her army defeats the canyonfolk. Shafallika’s answer is likely to displease her.

Intimacies: “My house above all” (Defining), “Perfection” (Defining) “No soldier fights alone” (Major), “Creation’s foes are my foes” (Negative), “The rush of battle” (Positive)


Mnemon Bidra is an elder and experienced Dragon-Blood with deep ties to her element. She is a seasoned warrior with over 150 years of experience, twenty of them fighting the Anathema. She is comfortable on horseback and on foot, in all manner of adverse conditions. Where Bidra truly shines, however, is in commanding soldiers. Her durability and martial skill serve as an inspiration, and her tactical genius allows her to make good use of even weaker troops.

While she does not have the skill of an Immaculate, Bidra uses the power of Earth exceptionally well in combat. Her stances are solid and immovable; her defenses impeccable. She is nearly impossible to surprise, feeling vibrations in the earth and through the air. The jade rod in her parasol hits like a tetsubo, ancient inscriptions accelerating it through the air and magnifying its blows. She is capable of funneling many elemental or magical attacks through the rod and dissipating them into the ground, though this is tiring for her.

Supporting Characters

  • Mnemon Jobutu, captain of her guard. Aging, loyal, hard-hearted.
  • Mnemon Rinu, Bidra’s mother, who sent her on this mission from the Blessed Isle. Domineering, loving, caustic.
  • Mnemon Risha, personal retainer and assistant. Decisive, inspirational, kindly.
  • Oduban Nalto, new guard from an allied house. Reckless, idealistic, lovesick.


  • House Cathak is likely to turn against House Mnemon in the impending civil war. Will Bidra turn on her Cathak allies (Yento and Ophilla) in order to win an advantage for her house?
  • What will Bidra’s children do if she dies on this mission? How will that impact House Mnemon in the coming war?

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