Cathak Yento, Chosen of the Water Dragon


Every child of the dragons is expected to fulfill their obligations to the Realm. That means studying hard to make their parents proud, bearing or fathering children to spread their elemental bloodlines, and serving the Realm in an official capacity. Yento, having done the first and finding the second distasteful, focused in his late twenties on the third. Always a perceptive and intelligent young man, he found the introspective pursuits of the All-Seeing Eye to his liking.

Then he was chosen by the water dragon, and his time as an analyst was over. The Eye moved him into field work in the Southern prefectures. For ten years he traveled the coastal South. He uncovered cult after cult, from the Hundred Gods Heresy to the Cult of the Illuminated. His pursuit of the latter put him in regular contact with the Wyld Hunt, where he first met and impressed Mnemon Bidra. The former, however, was what really shook him.

Dozens of cults, thousands of miles apart, all worshipping different gods. There should have been no commonalities. No deeper organizing principles. They should have each claimed something different. Instead, when Yento compiled the stories, there was a consistent and coherent through-line. Reincarnation was not the gateway to a better life. The Dragon-Blooded defeated the Solars not through purity and honor, but treachery and poison. The Immaculate Philosophy was a lie. Eventually the evidence convinced him.

Honor prevented him from leaving his position or derelicting his duties. Yento continued to work with an order he didn’t believe in, catching people he believed were innocent. He told himself that their crimes went beyond mere heresy, which was true often enough. Slowly he hated himself more and spoke to others less. He became vicious and brutal in his work. He lost compassion. His superiors, busy with a potential civil war, didn’t notice.

Now Yento has been called by Mnemon Bidra to investigate a backwater. He assumes that this is a punishment for his “inability” to catch a recent heretic, and he’s not entirely wrong. The surprise for him was that he was to work alongside his beloved little sister, fresh from the Immaculate monastery. She reminds him – sometimes happily, sometime painfully – of the joys of his early life. Cathak Yento has begun to hope for redemption.


Cathak Yento 500

Yento is a sharp-faced man with a strong body and dark eyes. His skin is tanned by the southern sun. He wears his hair in the traditional style of the honored Shogunate – swept back with a small topknot. The power of the Water Dragon has yet to appear in his features.


Most people just know that Yento is quiet while he works. Those who work with him for a longer time realize that he’s neck-deep in the same corruption that he fights. Any action can be justified if it leads to the desired result.

Yento is a brooding, thoughtful, cautious individual who is just beginning to truly understand what it means to have a lifespan three times longer than that of his childhood friends. He has thrown himself into his work over the past ten years, and has paid for that in isolation, paranoia, and criminal ties that he would rather forget.

Yento is especially conflicted around his sister. He is pleased to be able to share in her life and hear about her struggles and victories again. On the one hand, he is worried that she is losing faith in the thing that comforts her. On the other hand, he also believes that the Immaculate Faith is a sham. He searches in his heart for a way to make things better, like they were when both of them were young. He also believes this will never truly happen. Time, like a river, moves only forward.

Intimacies: “My soul is tarnished” (Defining), “My little sister Ophilla” (Major, Positive), “House Cathak” (Major), “The Immaculate Philosophy is a fraud” (Negative), “One can fight darkness with darkness” (Major)


Yento is intelligent and perceptive, with a quick mind. Human beings and human systems just make sense to him. He is trained in both intelligence analysis and crime scene investigation. He’s also good at reading people. He knows how to keep someone loyal or drive a wedge between people.

Chosen by the water dragon, Yento draws upon his essence to see patterns of human behavior. He can see whether people know each other, how they feel about each other, who they trust and respect. This extends to the connections between people and places as well – where his targets grew up and the places they frequent. He can hear lies like a drop of water into a still pool. When someone holds a secret, it sounds like a stream rushing behind a door.

Yento knows a bit of martial arts, and is especially good at predicting his opponents’ next moves. In battle, Yento prefers wide open spaces where he can take time to consider his opponents and their techniques. To get this space he’ll gladly throw opponents through windows and doors, off roofs, or into rivers or cisterns where he can exploit his aquatic mobility. He has no combat artifacts.

Supporting Characters

  • Cathak Telemon, Yento’s primary assistant and henchman. Devious, charming, violent.
  • Henthafamas, Yento’s first contact here in the canyon. Earnest, cruel, daring.
  • Remishalko, local member of the All-Seeing Eye. Secretive, ambitious, seemingly carefree.
  • Cathak Erito, distant cousin and childhood friend of Yento and Ophilla. Now carries his bags. Optimistic, stubborn, rebellious.


  • How far will Yento go to fulfill his circle’s mission here in the canyon? What will that do to his relationship with Ophilla?
  • Yento’s nose for crime will probably sniff out the demon cult – but will Bidra be too busy with other things to help stop it?

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