Fedinta, Demon-calling Prodigy


Young Fedi was a quiet child. She kept to herself most of the time, and most often kept away from other folk as well. Her parents tried to keep good track of her, but she got too good at slipping away and coming back, and they eventually let her have her “little adventures”. When the cousin who watched her died in the ash storms beside her – “Too old to be so foolish”, said Ieska – her impoverished family shook their heads and decided that she was probably old enough to take care of herself.

During these times she would scamper into the mines, crawling through tight places and hiding behind the carts when people came by. Sometimes people saw her and sent her home – the mines were dangerous, no place for a child. A few folk appreciated her bringing them cool tin cups of water, and let her stay longer than they should have. In truth, she never should have been there at all.

Deep down in cracks that were declared “all mined out” three hundred years ago, Fedi found a strange object. It was metal, like copper greened with age but strong. There was a central cylinder, flattened wide at one end, with spines radiating from the other that smelled of vinegar and the apothecary’s shop. It vibrated, just a touch. It was warm, just a little.

It was a key. It opened any door.

Fedinta couldn’t walk through the doors that the key opened, but other beings could walk through to Creation, if the door were open at the right time, and if she held the key and wanted it bad enough. Little Fedi wanted something to tell her stories, and a hooded figure told her of the endless acid ocean and the slaughtered world-tree. Fedin, growing girl, wanted something to stop the older girls from picking on her, and something did, late in the night, with blood and awful screams. Fedinta, young woman, frustrated with life, wanted something to make her important, and Hearttoucher came. It lives still in the mines.

Who knows what other strange creatures have come through Fedinta’s doors and live still in some abandoned part of the canyon? The thing that collapsed the mine shaft for her certainly did not flee back to its home. The thing that carried away the canyonfolk’s memories of those that Hearttoucher took – that thing roams the town still, late at night. They are careful and quiet. They roam only at night, to avoid Ieska’s fearsome eye. Make no mistake, though: they are here.


Fedinta 500

Fedinta is dark-haired and brown-skinned, with black eyes. She often wears a thoughtful look on her face. She has only a few pieces of minor jewelry – thin bangles and earrings – but she wears them always. The key is never on her person, lest she accidentally lose it.


Once remote and quiet, Fedinta is finding her voice as the center of a growing, powerful organization. She loves being part of Siltan‘s group. She enjoys having the power that comes from their need. She resents Hearttoucher for being the true source of all that, but at the same time her heart belongs to the fleshcrafter in a way it has never belonged anyone else.

She has few friends, and none that she would confide in. Fedinta is supported by Siltan’s cult – Hearttoucher’s cult, perhaps? – and her parents wonder what she must be doing that keeps her out of the fields. She has cut ties with most of her family out of nothing more than apathy.

Intimacies: “I want my own power” (Defining), “I adore Hearttoucher” (Major), “Siltan” (Positive), “All those whose words hurt me” (Negative, Major), “Secrets are not meant to be shared”


Fedinta learned to whittle and carve wood as a child on her mother’s knee. She is a skilled craftswoman, and sells her pieces to the Guild when they come each year. The thing that tore her tormentors limb from limb taught her to fight with that same carving knife. Thanks to the lessons of a robed library-demon she called years ago, she knows much of the secret ways of the world, hidden in fascinating stories and memorable verse. She is still very good at hiding.

The key that Fedinta carries can summon one of the weaker demons from Malfeas once each month, on the dark of the moon. It draws them across the endless desert to a thin stone archway in a dried-out oasis, from which they can enter Creation, if the opener spends a point of Willpower and sacrifices one level of an Intimacy appropriate to a particular sort of demon. (It gives you what you want, then takes away the want.) The key gives one no influence over the demons. They are most often well-disposed to whomever set them free in Creation (a minor Intimacy). Despite its fragile appearance, the key is almost impossible to break, and can repair itself when no one is looking. It can be destroyed by dissolving it in pure elemental water, a process that will take many years.

Fedinta has no control over her essence.

Supporting Characters

  • Fesalumina, her mother, who fears that she is involved in some criminal endeavor.
  • Bikrashen, A cult member who pines for her. Devious, lustful, daring.
  • Nahatenteth, The father of the girl her demon tore to pieces. Materialistic, angry, sad.


  • What other demons are still in the canyon?
  • Who created the key? What was it made for? Why does it eat desires?
  • How old is Fedinta? Has she asked Hearttoucher to change her in that way?

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