Done with Red Jade Canyon

That’s it for Red Jade Canyon! Over the next few days I’ll link all the posts together so you can skip between them more easily.

There will be a bit of a break while I work on the next batch; hopefully only 2-3 weeks. Setting #3 is in the North, in the space between Fortitude and Whitewall. It’s called Slumber’s Grasp. It’s a more European-flavored fantasy setting, with a royal family and a castle and a witch and a young man who wants to take over the kingdom his father could never rule. I’m doing it partly just because it was easy to find clip art for, and partly for some variety in my settings, but I also feel like it fits nicely into the North. One of the things I love about Exalted is the great variety in locations and cultures. This is my token “traditional fantasy” setting before I go back to the non-traditional and the strange, which I generally enjoy better. Of course, there will still be some oddball things thrown into Slumber’s Grasp. The blog isn’t named “Typical Creations.”

In the meantime, I’ll have a few other posts with random things that have been floating around my head as I read and absorb the corebook. Tomorrow: how to make 5-dot artifacts as a starting character.


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