Progress Update

I’m about halfway through the characters for Slumber’s Grasp.

In the Shores, the NPCs worked best as a whole package. In Red Jade Canyon I tried to make them stand alone a little better. This time I have a core group (a mortal family) who are tightly interconnected, and an outer group (the Chosen and other supernaturals) who can easily be tossed into any game as an ally, rival, or enemy.

I kept looking at these NPCs last week and thinking, “This feels more like a D&D setting than an Exalted setting.” I was going for a more traditional fantasy feel with this setting, but I didn’t expect it to be quite this pronounced. Then I realized that I was writing all the mortal characters first. Now that I’m getting into the more supernatural characters, it’s starting to feel more like Exalted, which makes me happy. I think it will have a good balance of the two in the end.

What this also means is that Slumber’s Grasp is going to work well on multiple levels. You can tackle it on a more mortal/political level, in which case you’re dealing with the more mundane NPCs, or you can bust out your team’s essence-powered supernatural whammy, in which case you have an entirely different group of characters up in your business, but still the same basic issues to deal with. I’m really looking forward to seeing games that shift from one level to the other.

It will probably be about a week before I start posting these characters.

Oh, on a separate topic, I decided that the stock art I have for these characters stands better alone than it does with my meddling, so I’m going to leave it that way. I have a specific plan for the next setting’s artwork that fits better with my skills. Wish me luck.


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