Slumber’s Grasp Relationship Diagram

The image below (click for a larger version) is a relationship diagram for the NPCs in Slumber’s Grasp.

SG Relationship Circles 500

At the center of the map, and at the heart of the situation in Slumber’s Grasp, is King Thenor. This complicates matters, as Thenor rests in a magical sleep, waking once once each month.

The first circle out from Thenor consists of the heart of the royal family: His great-great-granddaughter and regent Princess Athela, and her grandchildren Princesses Klara and Princess Kalestra.

The next circle represents near-family: allies such as Iko and Fia, Turning Wind, and Anvil Loves the Forge; outcast family members such as Prince Jasper who raises an army against Athela; and long-lost family such as Princess Ralia who has been thought dead for many years.

The final circle, on the edge of the diagram, is composed out outsiders: Sunset-on-Snow, who made Thenor immortal. The ghost of Galor the Never-King, who sought to murder him. The Iron Queen who rules the valley to the south, and the Raiton Queen whose sorcerous birds portend her return. And finally, Silent Feather, who may well kill the entire family.

Tomorrow you’ll get an overview of the setting, and then we’ll start posting the characters!


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