Princess Klara of the Peaks


The ruling family of Slumber’s Grasp takes their titles from the things they loved as children. Kalestra loved the forest; Jasper, the rolling hills and the towns therein. Klara, from the day she could climb, loved high places.

As the youngest child of a deceased mother, Klara was both doted on and ignored. When she appeared in the kitchens, the cooks slipped her sweets. When she wandered into the smithy, Anvil Loves the Forge taught her tricks with sword and hammer. When she scaled the walls of the castle, the servants laughed as they scolded her for her reckless antics. What didn’t happen was anyone asking why she was at the kitchen, smithy, and walls rather than with her tutors. Klara was raised with love, but without much discipline, and her tantrums kept her life free. Kalestra was continuously frustrated with her.

Klara’s grandmother, Athela, attempted to reign her in by putting Klara by her side for a year. Athela was successful in getting Klara’s attention (and respect), and in educating her about the court, but not in addressing her anger. Frustrated with her granddaughter after a year of outbursts and sullenness, Athela placed Klara with an armsmaster hired from a nearby kingdom.

In the past three years, Klara has shown a great aptitude for battle, and an enthusiasm for training that has impressed and encouraged her tutor. Her anger is no less present, but it has an outlet, and she has a purpose. She lost family before – now she has the skill to protect them. She has also spent much time with the Mad Prophet, whom her grandmother respects, and has tempered a bit of her anger with his insights and wisdom.

Jasper’s rebellion has thrown Klara’s world upside-down. Jasper was always kind to her, and she is baffled by the callousness he has shown to others. She’s also torn as to which part of her family she should protect – the brother she loves, or the ancestor her grandmother respects. Klara is currently riding toward Jasper’s camp (perhaps she is there already?), intending to either talk him out of his mad ideas or join him.


Princess Klara 500

Klara has long dark-brown hair and brown eyes. Her smooth pale-pink skin is often marred by training injuries. She typically wears brown, and always has her sword and armor with her. She is often frustrated that she isn’t a few inches taller.


Rebellious, indignant, and angry. Klara moves directly toward her goals, both in battle and in conversation, and doesn’t let anything stand in her way. She’s not belligerent to people without reason, but she can still be quite belligerent for a fairly small reason. She accepts apologies well, but gives them grudgingly. She prides herself on being able to work with people she doesn’t like.

Intimacies: “Our kingdom is failing; I must help it” (Defining), “My family” (Major), “The Never-King’s Ghost” (Negative), “The Mad Prophet” (Positive), “Anvil Loves the Forge” (Positive)


Klara is the most skilled of her siblings with sword and shield. Her armsmaster calls her “the kind of student one waits a lifetime for.” She trains constantly, and is strong, quick, and resilient because of it. She does not have the social graces that Kalestra was forced to develop, or her grandmother’s insight, but she has learned to rely on the help of others more willingly because of this. She still enjoys hiking, climbing, riding, and other athletic pursuits, but never had the patience to learn to sail.

In addition, Klara knows the castle and the surrounding towns better than most anyone. Secret passages, fences with loose boards, walls with uneven stones that made them easy to climb, she spied out all of these as a child. Other people know geography; Klara knows secret places and hiding-holes.

Klara has no control over her own essence.

Supporting Characters

  • Adrof, the castle armsmaster, who has trained Klara with the sword. Serious, slow to praise, secretly proud.
  • Fran, the shield-maiden sworn to defend Klara and traveling with her to Jasper. Disciplined, courageous, shy.
  • Keilo, the childhood friend that Klara outgrew. Curious, resentful, snappish.
  • Marja, the barmaid who saw Klara leave to go to Jasper’s camp. Argumentative, hard-working, polite.


  • Does Klara think that something else is behind Jasper’s recent actions? If so, will that persist past her meeting with him, and what will she do about it?
  • How much does Klara know about where Jasper traveled this past year? Might she be able to guess who he has allied himself with?

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