Prince Jasper the Outcast


Prince Jasper was barely old enough to know his mother when she died. He was four years old when she gave birth to Klara. A painful tearing, a loss of blood, and Voana was gone.

One of Jasper’s earliest memories is seeing Klara in her crib and deciding to hate her for what she had done to his mother. It didn’t last. She followed him around like a new puppy in those days. Klara’s ambitious and daring antics won him over before she was even five years old.

Then he was ten, and his father and eldest sister perished in an avalanche. Jasper realized in that year that he could lose anyone, at any time. He clung to Klara, vowing to defend her. He tried to do the same with Kalestra, who shrugged him off as her new responsibilities claimed her. Jasper struggled to connect, to make real friends. He saw death behind everyone.

Jasper hid this well for many a year. Kalestra saw that he had many friends, but not that he was close to none of them. Klara saw that he rode through the hills, speaking with the peasants in their cottages and taverns, but never asked why. His grandmother Athela saw that he studied hard and won the approval of his tutors, but didn’t know what secret books and scrolls he borrowed from them to read late at night.

This past year, after an absence in the summer when he traveled the kingdom, Jasper returned wearing his heart on this sleeve. He spoke openly against the laws that prevented Athela from being queen, and others as well that restricted his power as prince. His family wondered what had happened, but they were slow to act. Before his sisters could confront him, Jasper had angered Athela, threatened Thenor, and been exiled from the family’s lands.

Now Jasper sits in taverns and freeholds in the eastern side of Slumber’s Grasp, and raises an army from those who have been harmed by Thenor’s proclamations in the past.


Prince Jasper 500

Jasper is a heavyset young man with red hair that he keeps cut short in a military fashion. His brown eyes and pale ruddy complexion echo those of his father as a young man. Most days he wears the armor that was handed down from his ancestors, in case of an attack or a squabble with forces loyal to Athela.


Prince Jasper is an angry young man. His friends and his family say he wasn’t always this way – that his current actions and emotions are a clear result of outside influence. He says he always felt this way, and only now has the power to do something about it.

He acts part spoiled prince, part noble warrior. He makes it clear that he has been robbed of his heritage – he, and every other in his family – and he’s not going to stand for it any more. The strength of his leadership is in his righteous anger, and that he has captured what many in the valley have felt for years. When he’s calmer, he is typically brooding and sullen.

Jasper listens to his advisors, but generally tells others to leave him alone and wait for orders. Sometimes he sends them all away. They can hear him talking with someone behind closed doors. When he was questioned about this, he claimed that he was just talking to himself. It wasn’t believable. They dropped the issue.

Intimacies: “I should be king” (Defining), “If I cannot be respected, I will be feared” (Major), “Tradition” (Negative), “Princess Klara” (Positive), “Our fate is our own to define”


When it comes to his family, Jasper is second-best at everything. He’s not as good with a sword as Klara, not as savvy as Kalestra, not as smart as Athela… but he can give all of them a run for their money.

Before he became an outcast, he was known as Prince Jasper of the Towns. He spent much time traveling from place to place within Slumber’s Grasp (and even a little beyond), and he always had a talent for meeting new people. He would walk into a tavern, and whether the people recognized him or not, he’d have them laughing and telling stories by the end of the night. He was never good at keeping friends over the long term, but he makes an excellent first impression.

In a fight Jasper relies on his bodyguard to protect him as he lunges for his opponents. He’s not afraid to retreat, nor to call for aid. He’s proven fairly adept at directing those who serve him.

One of Jasper’s major intimacies should be reserved for whichever ally is backing him in his bid for kingship.

Supporting Characters

  • Helga, advisor from the local town guard. Eloquent, decisive, closed-minded.
  • Goski, advisor from the traders. Rich, obsequious, guilty.
  • Inga, bodyguard. Graceful, sacrificing, intuitive.
  • Reva, messenger. Adventurous, talented, trusting.


  • Who is Jasper allied with?
  • Why does Jasper want the throne? Was this all his idea, or is someone manipulating him? If he’s being manipulated, does he realize it?

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