End of Slumber’s Grasp

And that’s it for Slumber’s Grasp!

There will be a slightly longer break before the next setting, thanks to the holidays (happily) taking up some of my design time. I’ll have a few intermittent posts between now and then.

Speaking of the next setting…

On a remote island in the distant West, in an ever-shifting city on an inescapable island, unwilling warriors compete for the ultimate prize. Kill your rivals in this bloody free-for-all, and the deathlord known as Eight Eyes Ending will reward you with immortality and power. Refuse to play the game, and you’ll end up as prey. There’s more going on here than meets the eye, though – not everyone is here to be a deathlord’s entertainment. Some have games of their own in mind. Will you be their pawn, or break free?

Athanor Isle awaits.


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