Stat Blocks

Some of you may have noticed that the characters on this blog don’t have any game stats listed – just a general idea of what they’re good at and what their capabilities are. This is because I started writing them before I actually had the rules! Obviously, that has since changed. I’ve statted up characters from both The Shores and from Red Jade Canyon.

I had to make a couple tough decisions along the way. One was that I didn’t like the standard Quick Character stat blocks. They’re fairly good, but I wanted something a little different: simpler dice-adders,  more complete combat stats, etc. I’ll paste a sample version below.

On the other hand, I didn’t want to write out a substantial number of charms for these characters. The more detail you give a character, the more work a Storyteller needs to put into running them. In my own games I used to write up full character sheets for every single NPC. It really helped me understand them. When I was using other peoples’ characters, though, I found reading lists of charms tedious. I realized that I preferred to have a general idea of a character’s capabilities (as in the writeups I’ve done so far) and to improvise charm effects as needed based on the official charm sets.

That’s what you’ll see in the PDF editions of these characters: Quick Character stats with just a little more detail, and without charm writeups.

Of course, I didn’t want to shortchange the Eclipse caste, so I did add a few Eclipse-specific charms at the end of the book. You’ll be able to pick up some of Alambor‘s ability to manipulate the tides, for example, which can be very powerful for a sailor or merchant.

Here’s an example of the stat block format that I’m using. This is the one for Amilar Valna. The formatting will look a little strange here because it’s controlled by WordPress stylesheets and I don’t want to fiddle with inline css for half an hour just to make it look right. It looks much better in the PDF.


Dragon-Blooded (Air)
Essence 3, 14/35 Motes
Physical 2, Mental 4, Social 3
Willpower 7, Resolve 4, Guile 4, Appearance 3

Skills: Necromancy 9, Speak with Spirits 8, Courtly Matters 8, Give Orders 7, Notice 6, Secrets of the Underworld 7, Athletic Actions 6

Dice Limit: Add up to half pool for 1 mote/die


  • Join Battle 7, Parry 5, Evasion 3
  • Health 1/3/3/1, Soak 7, Hardness 0 (Lamellar Armor)
  • Jade Daiklaive: withering 10, decisive 7, damage 15L, overwhelming 4
  • Longbow: withering 9 at short range, decisive 5, damage 11L, overwhelming 1



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