Athanor Relationship Map

Athanor Relationship Diagram

The relationship diagram shows how various characters in Athanor know each other. Most do not, when the game begins, but each of the unwilling contestants has a connection to at least two others.

There are three regions on the diagram: the inner circle, the outer circle, and the corners.

The corners are populated by characters who are outside the contest: the deathlord, the sidereal, two first-age automata left in the city, and a creature called by the deathlord to help make the game “more interesting.”

The two circles represent possible alliances: groups of characters who have no immediate reason to kill one another. They won’t hold together forever, but they can provide the “strength in numbers” that many characters will be looking for. This is especially important for balancing the characters here against the player characters’ circle, which is likely to have greater unity and greater power as a group than most any individual on the island.

For those who are not helped by a diagram, here is the same information in list form:

Claws Lock Deep, Chosen of the Moon…

  • Battled the deathknight known as Pain to a standstill
  • Was abandoned by Nellens Badu

Nellens Badu, Chosen of the Air Dragon…

  • Abandoned Claws Lock Deep’s island to Skullstone’s invasion
  • Was nearly assassinated by Jalam Bedai

Jalam Bedai, Chosen of the Sun…

  • Drive Nellens Badu from his island
  • Was defeated and imprisoned by Nikau of Wu Jian

Nikau of Wu Jian, Chosen of the Earth Dragon…

  • Captured Jalam Bedai before he broke out
  • Blames Kiri of Denzik for his loss of power

Kiri of Denzik, Chosen of the Hunt…

  • Believes that Nikau of Wu Jian defiled the sacred hunt
  • Stole a quarry from Peleps Rithra

Peleps Rithra, Ghost…

  • Blames Kiri of Denzik for her loss of face
  • Grew up loathing V’neef Ethaa

V’neef Ethaa, Chosen of the Water Dragon…

  • Learned to despise Peleps Rithra as a child
  • Created and is obsessed with Sapadi Am’beta

Sapadi Am’beta, Chosen of Soil…

  • Was created and pursued by V’neef Ethaa
  • Knows Ghula M’shatha’s secret.

Ghula M’shatha, Chosen of the Sun…

  • Was blackmailed by Sapadi Am’beta
  • Was humiliated by Pain

Pain, Chosen of Oblivion…

  • Defeated Ghula M’shatha
  • Fought Claws Lock Deep to a standstill

The four characters in the corners have no connection to the others:


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