Kai and Koa, Ancient Automata


Deep in the midst of the last age, a clever smith designed a series of automata to protect and rebuild the cities and castles of the Chosen. Over the years most of them drifted into madness, and were destroyed. The remainder were traded for favors, forgotten in ancient manses, or given as “presents” to unwanted allies.

Kai and Koa have been protecting the city of Athanor since before the end of the last age. They stand together in conspicuous locations, speaking seemingly random phrases in the tongue of the old realm, startling the few visitors who made it to the island alive.

The binding on these automata is to the ever-changing city of Athanor. The lack of steady walls and fixed streets has slowly driven them mad – which was the original plan, foolish and incredible as that may seem. They have defended the city against the Fair Folk who would reclaim the island, and have been a rude surprise for would-be treasure hunters. Once they were considered the least of the city’s defenses, nothing more than glorified maintenance workers. Now, unknown and unloved, they are all that remains. They have had little need to show their prowess in the past few decades. Eight Eyes Ending has left them active during her “little event,” knowing that their formidable strength will keep the contestants from escaping the city.


Kai and Koa 500

These small metal people have burnished silver and gold metal “skin”, with gold and silver domino “masks” over their eyes. Their faces are immobile, forever smiling, with tiny scars to mark their battles with the Fair Folk. Their voices are like dented bells and broken glass.


They’re clearly mad. If one is careful with the city and destroys nothing, they are quiet, save for the occasional Old Realm haiku. They can even be compassionate to those who repair parts of the city, but not more than once. They speak in rhyme, poorly. They giggle at inappropriate times. They ask for jokes and are silent in response. They have seen nothing but the meaningless drift of the elements and the predations of chaos for over a thousand years. Their minds are attuned to the world they know.

Each of the automata identifies under both names, switching as the mood strikes them.

Intimacies: “Those who would harm Athanor” (Defining, Negative), “Those who would leave Vello’s Folly” (Defining, Negative), “Those who protect Athanor” (Major, Positive), “Answer questions other than those asked”, “Those who bring turmoil to the world” (Positive)


Kai and Koa are intelligent automata. They are self-maintaining, to a certain extent – their minds have deteriorated, but in this highly magical environment they as powerful as they ever were. They are strong. They are tireless. They are fast and durable. Their stare can stun a whale or deflect a wave. They can hear a moth’s flutter from across the city. Kai and Koa might be stunned by brute force alone, but it would take a mountain falling on them to truly destroy them.

They speak every language in Creation, and give impossibly bad directions in all of them. They never forget a face, but they do need to be reminded of names. They are nearsighted and cannot see color. They have no concept of tactics or strategy, and assume that everyone else is as durable and powerful as they.

Kai and Koa gain a major negative intimacy against each individual person who seeks to harm the grounds that they protect. They use these to reinforce their refusal to work with or listen to those who struck against them. This can sometimes be used to manipulate them in and of itself.

Supporting Characters

  • Groundskeepeer, a spirit that watches over Athanor’s park. Respectful, resourceful, prissy.


  • Can Kai and Koa be repaired? If so, is it a matter of forge-work or therapy?
  • If there’s a chance that Kai and Koa would kill a promising candidate, would Eight Eyes Ending disable them, or would she let them do it?

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