Update on the Splinter

For those who don’t know, New England is having the coldest weekend of the year right now. -10° Fahrenheit last night… aaand on Tuesday it’ll be 55°. Such a bizarre winter.

On the plus side, this cold and the three-day weekend means that I have plenty of opportunity to work on characters for The Splinter of the Machine. Instead of completing one at a time and moving on to the next, I’ve been writing all of the Background sections first, then Capabilities. My plan is to do Demeanor afterward, then the stuff that’s easier to fill in, until I’m done. I think that worked fairly well for Athanor, but it doesn’t feel as character-driven as the stuff I did in the early settings.

I also wrote a fair amount of the Splinter’s overview. It’s difficult to know how much to write. The Splinter is basically an alternate-history, steampunk-future version of Creation where Lookshy recently won a war with the Blessed Isle by killing all of the Empire’s gods. I could easily spend dozens of pages on background and setting info alone, let alone rules for playing the Amalgam Champions chosen by the Six Virtuous Beasts of Alchemy. Rules development is definitely not what I want to do right now. I’m looking to put together condensed settings with useful NPCs. I’d rather write three settings at standard length than one setting that’s three times as long. This one just might need a few extra pages.

I’m also hoping to revisit this setting in the future if I can. I’m enjoying the alternate setting, and I have a fair amount of steampunk art still available to use (though, as always, I’d love to have more non-white characters). Maybe that will be setting #9 or so. Before then, I have a political/investigative scenario with lots of spirit court drama planned in the Lakes Province east of Kirighast, a modern-day alternate universe with demon-possessed high-school students fighting with katanas… plenty of stuff to keep me busy.

I’ve paused on putting together the PDF versions for now. I’m still going to do it, but I want to hold off for a little while. I’ll let you know here when I have something that’s ready to see.


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