Another Splinter update

Things have been a little slow this week. On the plus side, my taxes are all done.

Today I added the last of the Capabilities sections, and got a good start on the Demeanor and Supporting Characters sections. My hope is that next week I’ll be able to start posting, but I might take another one just to polish things up and add more setting info. As I mentioned, this one will need it.

In fact, I also dropped one of the NPCs this time in order to make more room for other setting info. There will only be 13 NPCs in this setting instead of the 14 that I usually do. This was a character who fit in well with the others, but wasn’t really important. Including him might have been a nice touch, but probably would just have complicated the story in unnecessary ways. You’ll see him as the last of the “Supporting Characters” for Yushoto Koletta.


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