Splinter Relationship Map

Splinter Relationship Map

The image above (click for a larger version) is a relationship map to help you understand and remember how the various NPCs of the Splinter interact with one another.

Using the Characters

There are three main entry points into this scenario. As Storyteller, the characters you’ll want to use first will depend on where the players’ circle arrives in the Splinter.

The shallow space between Creation and the Splinter might deposit the characters in the badlands, in the southeastern Blessed Continent. Here, they are likely to meet Yatna Modan, possibly in conjunction with a raider assault. If all goes well, he will take them to town of Clearwater, where they would meet the prophet Starsight. Jek Eikar is a potential “sidequest” character before Cynis Operations arrives and the game moves toward River Island.

The second option is that the characters might arrive closer in to the center of the Continent. There, they might run into the airship No Memory, as it carries Cynis Operations and their band of heroes across the land. (The airship is a prototype, and may have to set down for repairs.) The players’ circle will meet these central characters first, then Starsight and her allies, before heading to River Island.

Both of these approaches assume that the the players’ characters will take the opportunity to ally themselves with the native characters. If you don’t think that’s going to be the case with your players, the third possibility is that they might come out on River Island to begin with. Running into Karal Volan or Yushoto Koletta early on might convince them that they’ve landed on the wrong side of the war. Cynis Operations can come in later, as the characters consider an assault on the Weapon. Starsight and her allies likely won’t appear at all in this version.

Give the characters (both player and non-player) time to ask questions and be themselves. This setting is as much a character drama as it is an alternate-dimension story.

Textual Description

For those who aren’t helped by a visual map, here’s the same information in list form:

Karal Volan, the General…

  • Commands the Luminous Godkiller Weapon
  • Provides funding for Yushoto Koletta

Yushoto Koletta, the Genius…

  • Ignores Karal Volan
  • Designed and constructed the Luminous Godkiller Weapon

The Luminous Godkiller Weapon

  • Obeys Karal Volan and Yushoto Koletta
  • Killed Cathak Venkan’s father
  • Killed the adoptive mother of Iselsi Daita and Rhai

Cathak Venkan, the Lookout…

  • Seeks revenge against Karal Volan and the Weapon
  • Hired Cynis Operations

Cynis Operations, the Smugglers…

  • Were hired by Cathak Venkan
  • Recruited Ledaal Miia, the Ragara brothers, the Iselsi twins, Mnemon Reshmi, and the Ticking Mask
  • Once worked with Jek Eikar

Ledaal Miia, the Pilot…

  • Works with Ragara Van and Uto
  • Was recruited by Cynis Operations

Ragara Van and Uto, the Smiths…

  • Were recruited by Cynis Operations
  • Distrust Jek Eikar
  • Know how dangerous Yushoto Koletta is

Iselsi Daita and Rhai, the Cubs…

  • Vowed revenge on the Weapon
  • Were recruited by Cynis Operations

Menmon Reshmi, the Sniper…

  • Was recruited by Cynis Operations

The Ticking Mask, Parasitic God…

  • Was recruited by Cynis Operations

Starsight, the Prophet…

  • Expects the arrival of Cynis Operations
  • Considers Yatna Modan an ally
  • Shares information with Jek Eikar

Yatna Modan, the Badlander…

  • Works with Starsight

Jek Eikar, Mad Inventor…

  • Shares information with Starsight
  • Distrusts Cynis Operations

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