Yushoto Koletta, the Genius


A story to illustrate Koletta’s nature. As a child prodigy, she asked where the knowledge of prophecy came from. Her parents, both Technologists, told her of the myriad crystalline essence conduits beneath the Blessed Continent and their importance in a sorcerer’s work. Many years later, as a student on the Isle of Voices, she applied this to herself and implanted crystalline filaments within her own brain, simply for the understanding. Imagine an entire life lived thus, the pursuit of knowledge above all other concerns, and you have Yushoto Koletta.

Born into the Peleps family on the Blessed Continent, Koletta graduated from the Isle of Voices and became a part of the Empire’s science brigade. Her low rank kept her involved with what she considered menial tasks. She kept proposing more and more audacious experiments, and was turned down. When war broke out, she was given an opportunity: leadership of a cadre of elite students like herself. Their task was to take on high-risk, high-reward experiments. Her first request was to experiment on the Terrible Crystalline Behemoth, the Realm’s weapon of last resort. When her superiors refused in horror, she deserted and left the Blessed Continent.

Koletta approached Karal Volan. She told him of the Behemoth’s carefully guarded weaknesses – where he could strike to disable it. In return, she was allowed to use the creature’s long-dying heart to power her reactor. He offered her the chance to explore whatever she wanted if she outfitted his army. She produced the Luminous Godkiller Weapon and ended the war simply so that she could focus on her research.

Now Koletta runs a laboratory for the Yushoto family, whom the Karals have completely under their heel. She builds automata to drive both the army and her explorations. She investigates the true nature of her world. She tries to find a way to keep the Weapon from destroying every deity in the world. It’s only a matter of time before she finds a connection to the World Before and exploits it, loses control of the Weapon, or both.


The Genius 500

Koletta has fair, smooth skin and red lips. Her hair is dark and straight, and she keeps it pulled back out of her way. Her irises are gear-shaped, and they glow green when she focuses her abilities as an Aion. Her clothing tends to be complex but utilitarian – pockets, wrist-guards, gloves, goggles, lenses, and so forth.


Dispassionate. Koletta is nearly without emotion. On the one hand, this makes her utterly fearless in the face of threats or coercion. Someone trying to appeal to her emotional side – or, god forbid, seduce her – is wasting their time. On the other hand, she genuinely doesn’t care about other people. She claims that she wants to destroy the Empire, but she only says that to keep Karal off her back.

In her lab, she places herself utterly beyond reproach. Anyone who questions her work or her conclusions is immediately replaced or used as a test subject. With her brilliance, her work hasn’t suffered much because of this. There are still people begging to work in her lab for the reputation alone. Afterward, they often beg to get out, but that’s what the leather straps are for.

In the end, the only thing Koletta really cares about is the pursuit of knowledge.

Intimacies: “The pursuit of knowledge” (Defining, Positive), “The Weapon is a problem” (Negative, Major), “My current lab” (Positive), “Keep Karal Volan happy to shut him up”, “People are useful tools”


As a Technologist and an inventor, Koletta is versed in many crafts, from gearwork and metallurgy to ceramics and chemistry. She speaks Imperial, but prefers the language of the World Before for its precision and its use in Protocols. She picks up new engineering knowledge the way a sponge soaks up water. Any skill that flows from a limited number of basic principles comes easily to her – the study of lore and the occult, medical techniques, observational skills. Other, more contextually-dependent abilities she finds more difficult, and ignores in favor of her existing strengths. Her social skills are more detriment than asset.

Koletta was chosen as an Aion at a very young age. Her gear-sign is the Flayed Clock, an instrument taken apart with its innards laid about it in a ritual pattern. Her essence enhances her technological skills in a variety of ways. Her senses are so sharp that she can determine how a device works simply by observing it and touching it. (Living beings she only understands so well after dissection.) Her memory is perfect. Her attention can split between a half-dozen mental tasks simultaneously. In the time it takes other people to build rough prototypes, Koletta builds fully-working polished devices that look like they just rolled off an assembly line. She can also build a device specifically for the purpose of teaching a particular narrow skill that she knows, such as the construction of combat automata. Those who take apart the device and reassemble it will learn the skill themselves, though not at her supernatural level of prowess.

Koletta never really learned to fight. Instead, ten clockwork snipers watch over her in shifts, ensuring a swift end to those who would threaten her. Karal Volan has also stationed additional guards around her workshops. Should Koletta end up in a battle, she’s likely to try calmly talking her way out of it, or to use Protocols to escape. She knows Protocols for the summoning of alchemical elementals, communication at a distance, teleportation (up to 30 kilometers), and deactivating rogue automata with a touch. (This latter ability has proven ineffective against the Weapon.) She primarily uses her Technologist powers for the Alchemical Workings they provide her, enabling her to create devices beyond the ken of ordinary inventors.

Supporting Characters

  • Yushoto Fortan, her current research assistant. Paranoid, attentive, brilliant.
  • Yushoto Damaklae, the lab guard with a misguided crush on her. Brawny, diligent, foolish.
  • Karal Ethno, who carries messages back and forth to Karal Volan. Quick, quiet, nervous.
  • Peleps Raka, the sky pirate who was Koletta’s brother. Daring, foppish, concerned.


  • How do scientists outside of Koletta’s lab feel about her? Are they admiring? Concerned? Do they feel threatened?
  • How close is Koletta to finding out how to control the Weapon? Will she ever? If she can’t, is she able to destroy it without help?

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