The Luminous Godkiller Weapon


Five of the Dragon-Blooded, rarest of the Chosen, were destroyed in the process of creating the Weapon. Yushoto Koletta extracted their elemental essence and sealed the resulting mixture into a golem made from the six alchemical elements. The matrix of its being contains the tremendous elemental dissonance, focusing it into an unstoppable force.

Karal Volan ordered the Weapon across the Straits of Silk to the Blessed Continent. There, it killed every god it encountered. Gods of harvest, gods of weather, gods of war. For a year it walked across the continent, murdering them, one at a time or in small groups. They gathered to assault it, all together. It slaughtered them all. It drew out their essence and detonated it like a bomb, leaving a crater kilometers wide. The Luminous Godkiller Weapon felt… satisfaction at completing its task.

Now the Blessed Continent is barren. No winds blow across it. The rain evaporates as it falls. No new plants grow, or when they do, they become a tangle of madness that chokes itself to death. The ground cracks and stone crumbles. The island itself is dying. The Weapon is nowhere to be found.

Once its assignment was complete, the Weapon returned to River Isle. Now it lives in a pit in Volan’s citadel and waits. It grows hungry. It can feel the myriad of gods on River Isle and knows that there is more for it to do.


The Weapon 500

The Weapon appears in a human form, seven meters tall. Within its body is a never-ending explosion that can be heard like distant thunder. The energy of this eternal detonation is channeled through its diamond skin, where it is visible as a painfully bright, ever-shifting glow, cracking through its skin in different places over time.


The Weapon’s crystalline mind takes orders only from Yushoto Koletta and Karal Volan, prioritizing Koletta’s. It typically does not speak to others except to ask about the two of them, or to ask when it will next be deployed. It will assault spiritual beings without provocation, but will leave physical creatures untouched if they do not threaten it. If attacked, it will defend itself until the battlefield is empty.

Currently, the Weapon has been standing in its silo for several years. Every so often it asks to speak with Koletta or General Karal, and asks them when it will be allowed to finish its task.

Intimacies: “Kill the last of the gods and end the world” (Defining), “Live to see the world end” (Defining), “Obey Karal Volan” (Major), “Obey Yushoto Koletta” (Major)


The Luminous Godkiller Weapon is powered by the incredible violence of conflicting elemental templates – those of Creation and those of the Great Maker – existing simultaneously within its body. The Weapon can release this energy in directed blasts and tremendous explosions.

The Weapon’s energy is particularly dangerous to spirits of all kinds, dealing aggravated damage against them and stealing their essence for itself. Attacks from spirits against the Weapon are most often absorbed before they can strike, and those gods foolish enough to attack it hand-to-hand (or with a weapon that is a part of themselves) will be immediately drawn within it and consumed. Gods destroyed by the Weapon will not be naturally replaced – unlike those killed by ordinary means, their essence is gone from the world.

The more gods the Weapon draws in, the more powerful it becomes. Their essence is added to its own, building a vast storehouse of power. Each action it takes depletes this storehouse, typically very slowly. Until that stock runs out, the Weapon is tireless, needing neither rest nor sustenance.

Against non-spirit opponents, the Weapon is still formidable. Its blasts can powder stone and vaporize water. It can heal immediately from any injury, drawing on its storehouse of essence to re-seal its diamond skin. When it was walking across the Blessed Continent it faced mortal opposition on many occasions, and was occasionally deflected from its course by a concerted assault from Amalgam-led militaries. At that time, it had the Continent’s many gods to feed upon, and its retreats were typically brief. The area around its current silo is utterly empty of spirits both large and small, all having fled or died at its hands.

Supporting Characters

  • Karal Resh, the head of the guards who watch the Weapon. Commanding, reasonable, afraid.
  • Underchair, the god of overlooked things, whom the Weapon did not kill. Covetous, sneaky, unseen.
  • Yushoto Blaen, who helped Koletta create the Weapon. Talkative, secretive, intimidated.
  • Maheka Ulaya, whose son was one of the Dragon-Blooded sacrificed to create the Weapon. Righteous, loud, betrayed.


  • How close is the Weapon to breaking out?
  • If the Weapon crossed through a shallow place to beyond the Splinter, what would happen? Especially if it were to appear in the Wyld or the Labyrinth – how would these affect it?

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