Ledaal Miia, the Pilot


Miia’s family lived in a cave. They were the poorest of the poor, living by hunting and stealing from their more agrarian neighbors. They barely knew there was an empire, let alone that they were at war – or that their cave was going to be used to store powered gliders.

The Ledaal family soldiers hiding the gliders were surprised as well, but compassionate. They brought the family food and tools. When a Technologist came to investigate, she raised a house for them of metal and crystal. The soldiers were especially kind to teenaged Miia, who was fascinated by their strange devices.

Miia wanted to fly one of the gliders. A pilot took her up and she was hooked. The commander, after a stern reprimand to her and the soldier, told Miia that she would need to enlist if she ever wanted to wide the winds on her own. She tried to sign up on the spot.

Five years later, Miia was a pilot. Her family had been moved to a city far from the fighting, and all of them had been officially adopted by the Ledaals.

Then the gods died, and everything went to hell.

The Ledaal family abandoned the war early. Miia couldn’t stand the thought of never being in the air again. She stole a glider – the base was nearly evacuated by then – and convinced the Ragara brothers to keep it in good repair for her. She flew a few missions of mercy, looking for ships stranded at sea with the winds and waves calmed. She took messages from one end of the continent to the other. She knew she was easing lives here and there, but she wanted to do more.

Cynis Operations approached her and gave her that chance. Her glider is strapped in alongside the zeppelin No Memory. She’s eager to do something good with it.


The Pilot 500

Miia’s white skin is tanned from years of life outside. Her eyes are a rare light brown, almost golden color. She wears no makeup. She’s most often found in pilot’s leathers and wide clear goggles, with her curly brown hair tucked back out of her face. She’s tall and thin.


She was raised in the dirt. Now she literally soars through the sky. Is it any wonder Miia sees the best in those around her? She’s seen a lot of tough things happen in the past few years, but she’s also seen people pull together in a time of great crisis, from ship captains rescuing castaways to the Ragara brothers helping her out when she needed it most. Miia is daunted by the task set before her by Cynis Operations, but only because of its magnitude, not because she doubts her allies.

Amongst her companions, Miia is most concerned about Cathak Venkan. She sees a man blinded by retribution, and she’s seen that go badly before, during her time in the military. She’s worried that he might sacrifice anything or anyone to achieve his goals, and she doesn’t want to see him destroy himself that way. Daita and Rhai worry her too, but she knows that other folks look up to Venkan, and that makes his decision all the more important.

Intimacies: “Everyone has good in them” (Defining), “Flying” (Defining), “My parents” (Major, Positive), “River Island went too far” (Major, Negative), “My teammates” (Positive)


Miia puts every bit of time she can spare into flying. She’s probably the best pilot still alive on either side of the war. She knows the rudiments of handling any vessel of any size, but is especially good with the small powered gliders that let her feel like a bird. If she isn’t better with a hang-glider, it’s only because the Imperial military insisted she fly something with guns.

Her custom-built glider is the High Horizon, named for the line between the clouds below and the clockwork sky above. It has a range of four hundred kilometers; twice that if it’s a one-way trip. It can hold a hundred or so kilos of cargo in its bomb bay, or two extra people if they’re small, very friendly with one another, and not too sensitive to cold and wind. It can land on smooth ground or a calm sea. The Ragara brothers Van and Uto built it for her, and the same “vanishing” technology they built into the No Memory is in the High Horizon as well, letting it almost disappear from sight. It has guns, but Miia is nearly out of ammunition for them, and scavenging more from the Imperial army is unlikely. (The Island’s ammunition is of a different sort.) High Horizon refuels from the side of No Memory in about one hour per hundred kilometers of flight. In the hands of a skilled sorcerer or Technologist it might be refueled directly from the essence of the Chosen, but Miia doesn’t realize that yet.

Outside of the plane, Miia has gone through the military’s usual training. She’s in excellent physical shape. She can use a musket, recognize signals from both sides of the war, operate an etheric transmitter, and scout a region from the air or the ground. Her parents taught her how to catch fish and forage for plants.

Supporting Characters

  • Tenbira, who handles maintenance for High Horizon while it’s on board No Memory. Friendly, busy, obliging.
  • Loka, a young boy she saved from the wreckage of a burning ship. Hopeful, starry-eyed, wistful.
  • Ledaal Severn, trying to find her after she went AWOL. Businesslike, dedicated, merciless.
  • Ledaal Venta, her old flight instructor. Cheerful, serious, fair.


  • Why was the Ledaal family so eager to adopt Miia’s parents?
  • Miia has seen revenge turn out badly before – what happened? How was she affected?

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