Iselsi Daita and Rhai, the Cubs


Daita and Rhai are fraternal twins, orphaned before they were a year old. An avalanche near the Imperial Mountain took their parents without warning. They, too, would have died of exposure, had not Kutoma the Shogun of Predators taken them in.

Kutoma lived in the mountains. She ate wild animals and drank rainwater. It surprised the spirit councils that she wished to become a mother, but no one gainsaid Kutoma – ever – and she raised the two as her own cubs. A few other gods took pity on them and taught them to speak the common tongue properly, and a touch of the outer world’s history, but they could only do so when Kutoma slept. When she was awake, it was time to learn other things: how to hunt, how to fight, how to kill. The two of them fought with one another as only siblings can, and curled up asleep in the warmth of their adoptive mother.

In the Holocaust of the Gods, Daita and Rhai were left behind as Kutoma and her kin went to destroy the Weapon. The cubs howled themselves raw when Kutoma never returned. Eventually they came down the mountains toward the southeast. They saw many people like themselves, and yet unlike. They hid in the forests and watched woodcutters until the forests were no more. They stalked and observed villagers on the grasslands until the grasses died. They eventually spoke with travelers on the roads while the roads cracked into dust. There they were told of the war and General Karal Volan, who was responsible for the Weapon and its deeds.

Daita and Rhai swore vengeance on Volan – to rip him limb from limb and eat his heart. They asked everyone they met how they might find him, and were eventually directed to Cynis Operations. Not everyone on No Memory is happy to have them around, but no one can deny that they have the right to be here.


The Cubs 500

Daita has black hair, blue eyes, and a short, straight nose. Rhai has white hair, dark eyes, and a slightly larger nose. Both of them have dark rings around their eyes, painted by their adoptive mother. Both of them are short (Daita’s a little taller), and scrawnier than someone of their strength should be. They wear utilitarian clothing and genuinely don’t realize that makeup exists. Cynis Remma’s changing face still confuses them.


Violent, emotional, and very intense. They get angry easily, and can’t contain themselves well. They’ll yell and threaten like wild beasts, pushing people over if they try to give them orders. Indoors, they pace like caged animals and are more easily agitated. They’re calmer on the ground and under an open sky. They can also be very patient when waiting for prey – but not when they’re just sitting around.

Rhai realizes that this group of heroes is their only hope at revenge, so she’s more likely to get Daita to give an apology if they storm off. Their temper tends to be short-lived, with one notable exception: the Weapon.

Intimacies: “Kill the Weapon and everyone involved with it” (Defining, Negative), “Our mother” (Major, Positive), “The hunt” (Major, Positive), “Don’t listen to prey, it’s only going to lie” (Major, Negative), “Freedom” (Positive), “These fools we’re with” (Positive)


Daita and Rhai are the fiercest warriors on the Continent. They were raised to be apex predators amongst the gods themselves. Daita knows how to hold on to a foe and never let go, wearing larger opponents down and bleeding them out. Rhai’s fists and feet are lightning-fast, never missing or faltering in her assault. Together they’ve taken out everyone who tried to give them trouble, from bandits to soldiers to wild animals.

Of the two, Daita has the quicker mind, and Rhai the sharper eye. Daita will be the first to vault a wall or chase down a foe. Rhai is more focused, more able to keep her head about her and hear the lie in a promise. As one might expect, neither one is exactly suave or cultured, nor do they have much respect for those who are. Such people usually just end up insulting the twins anyway. Their minds are fairly sharp, but utterly untrained. Beyond woods-lore and the names of the dead gods, they know very little of the world.

The blessing of their adoptive mother gives them license to interact with the spirit world. They can strike or wrestle the gods as well as they could human beings – which will surprise the hell out of most spirits. Beyond that, they have no supernatural capabilities.

Supporting Characters

  • Kutoma the Shogun of Predators, who raised them. Silent, fierce, unstoppable. Deceased.
  • Rhut the Tailor God, who clothed them. Smiling, flamboyant, speaks in puns. Deceased.
  • Eshara of the Ancient Tongues, who taught them to speak. Calm, melodious, didactic. Deceased.
  • Cynis Fina, a “traveler” who sent them toward Cynis Operations. Watchful, tight-lipped, concerned.


  • Did Kutoma have any children of her own? Where are they now, and what would they think of the cubs?
  • Did Starsight know the cubs as they were growing up? Did she see this future for them?

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