Menmon Reshmi, the Sniper


When Yushoto Koletta worked for the Empire, she built a dozen combat automata for the Mnemon family. They were put to excellent use in the early days of the war against River Island. Each was numbered. Each had Koletta’s face. One asked for a name. Mnemon Reshimi had developed sentience. She alone out of the twelve of them had something special happen in her artificial mind.

When Koletta left the Empire’s service, she took most of her automata with her. Reshmi, on the other hand, had learned to demand respect. Koletta left her on the dock as they sailed away.

Since then, Reshmi has fought for the Empire. She was stationed on zeppelins above the Straits of Silk, and shot down incoming pilots with a single bullet. She kneeled on the cliffs above the assault boats as they came across and picked off their crew. She saw the Luminous Godkiller Weapon walk across the water, and the Holocaust of the Gods begin. She never saw her sisters.

When the Empire fell, Reshmi was treated as a valuable asset by the Mnemon family. They insisted on taking her with them as they fell back to their holdings. She, having other plans, snuck away in the night. Cynis Operations had contacted her. They offered her an opportunity: a final mission against River Island. The chance to find her sisters, and perhaps to meet her creator.

Reshmi knows this may be the last mission of her life. She intends to make every bullet count.


The Sniper 500

Reshmi’s face is an exact duplicate of Yushoto Koletta’s, rendered in self-healing ceramic. She is pale, soft-skinned, with brown hair. She wears the same sort of utilitarian garb, with the addition of a sniper rifle. However, where Koletta’s face is blank or disdainful, Reshmi’s is softer and more expressive. Koletta’s face is the more believable for an automaton.


Calm, clear-headed, and quiet. She’s not passionless, though. When she gained sentience, emotion slowly crept in as well. She learned the best of these from the soldiers that her family worked with: loyalty, bravery, camaraderie. Some of them taught her that humans are prone to other emotions as well – greed, vanity, cruelty – but she saw how those soldiers were shunned by the others. Above all, she learned to kill the enemy without regret.

All of her compatriots treated her with a great amount of deference thanks to her skill (and out of fear of Koletta, though she doesn’t know that). Therefore, Reshmi also values politeness. She is capable of the same sort of callous behavior that Koletta showed her, but she feels awful when she acts that way.

Intimacies: “Yushoto Koletta” (Defining, Negative), “My allies” (Major, Positive), “My sisters” (Major, Positive), “The forces of River Island” (Negative), “The Mnemon Family” (Negative)


Reshmi’s body was designed to typical human tolerances in most areas. She’s not supernaturally strong, or even any stronger than an average soldier. She’s not faster, and she’s not even much more durable. There are really just three things she can do better than most.

First, her sense of sight is excellent. She’s no Cathak Venkan, but her eyes are better than an eagle’s. Second, her manual dexterity is phenomenal. She has no pulse jitter, no muscular twitches, and can aim with micrometer precision. Third, she does not tire easily. She can hold a single position for hours, even days. All of these combine to make Mnemon Reshmi the greatest sniper who ever lived.

Beyond this, she was programmed with what Koletta considered “the basics” – the minimum that anyone who interacted with her should be expected to know, lest they be considered unbearably stupid. This is a tremendous breadth of academic knowledge, including the language of the World Before, basic alchemical principles, geography, geomancy, physics, aerodynamics, and more. She has no experience in applying these, but the core knowledge is there. She was also trained as a soldier, and can maintain her firearm and conduct herself with proper discipline.

In social situations, Reshmi tends to remain quiet, so as to avoid blunders. She speaks and moves gracefully, but her interactions with Koletta have convinced her that she is socially inept.

Supporting Characters

  • Mnemon Songai, the guard who helped her escape. Kind, observant, conflicted.
  • Mnemon Dhota, who recruited Reshmi when Koletta left her. Opportunistic, ambitious, disappointed.
  • Miniadda, who takes care of the ammo locker on No Memory. Dour, unfriendly, secretly emotional.
  • Number Three, one of her sisters who has gone missing. Non-sentient?


  • Is Reshmi the first of Koletta’s creations to gain sentience? If not, where are the others?
  • How are the Ragara brothers reacting to Reshmi, given that her face looks like one of the people who scares them the most?

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