Starsight, the Prophet


Not every god on the Continent went to fight the Luminous Godkiller Weapon. Starsight was a goddess of the future – not prophecy, but the things that are to be. She saw her own death in this battle, and defied fate to avoid it. She pleaded with her brother Telar Thousand-Eyes not to go. He said that she was deserting her fellows when they needed her the most, and begged her to come. She stayed. He died.

Starsight lost a little of herself in the Holocaust of the Gods. She was one of a very few gods who didn’t go, and the only one in what would become the Badlands. When the rest of the gods died, people abandoned her as well. In addition, she had broken her own power by choosing the future rather than merely observing or announcing it. No longer an ephemeral being of essence and concept, she lives now in the physical world. She’s less in command of her powers, and more at their whims.

She saw all of this. Starsight chose this fate intentionally. She knew that her vision of the future was a true one – that the fight against the Luminous Godkiller Weapon was meaningless, and that her help would be needed to defeat the horrific thing once and for all.

Since her fall from grace, she has risen to lead a group of desperate peasants living in the Badlands. They have built a shelter around one of the few remaining springs. The people call it Clearwater. There, she has gathered to herself some of the powerful individuals who still live in the Badlands. She guides folk hero Yatna Modan to the things that will keep her people moving, keep them alive, for another week or another day. She sends message back and forth with the mad inventor Jek Eikar, discussing the secret of what is happening to this world. She has seen that No Memory is coming, and she eagerly awaits its arrival.


The Prophet 500

Starsight wears dark, shimmering clothing and a variety of jewelry. Her skin is dusky, and she might easily be taken for a member of almost any family. She often wears a hat or other ornamentation over her eyes during the day. When seen at night, her eyes are a deep, star-filled purple with no whites.


Mysterious and intense. Being a living enigma is part of who Starsight is; she’s incapable of being less vague when leaving out information will achieve the same goals. She knows that her world is ending, but refuses to go quietly. When people ask her why they should keep struggling for another day, she replies that every life matters. She knows that her power is part of a greater plan, which she calls the Will of the Maker, and she tries to instill that belief in others. A tiny part feared that her decision to change her fate would break that plan, but her faith crushed that part and put it out of her mind.

Starsight will keep working to the end of her world to keep people alive and safe. Part of that is survivor’s guilt, and part of it is who she has always been.

The people whom Starsight leads sometimes feel manipulated by her. She treats them with respect, but sometimes refuses to tell them things about the future. It’s one thing when a newly fallen god leads your people to safe food and water; it’s another when she uses her position to have you build an airstrip for no discernable reason. The people follow her because they know that she’s brilliant and she won’t let them die, but they aren’t so certain sometimes.

Intimacies: “We will end the Weapon” (Defining), “I should have done more to save the gods” (Major), “My people” (Major, Positive) “Cathak Venkan” (Positive), “Karal Volan” (Negative)


Starsight is still new to the physical world. Her physical power is still building. At first she needed a wheelchair; then she needed crutches. She has only recently been able to walk without a cane. It’s also easy for her to be overwhelmed by sensory input – thus her tendency to cover her eyes. All this will become easier for her in time, but she knows she may not have the time to wait.

As a goddess of futures, Starsight once inspired others with her powers. She was a conduit for prophecy, and those she touched could see a vast array of possible futures spreading out before themselves. They would babble pieces of those futures, and others would be left to interpret them. Now that she is trapped in the physical world, Starsight sees those futures directly. Her brilliant mind interprets them and shows her the implications of each choice. She knows what she could do in order to make a particular future come to pass. She knows what sorts of things she cannot change. She can still choose – but sometimes her choices are more constrained than she would like. Worse, she knows that the more information she gives about the future, the less control she has over how things turn out. The choices that other people make matter as well. Whether she lets them make those choices will depend a lot on how much she trusts them.

On a more mundane level, Starsight is a learned and competent leader. She speaks the language of the Time Before and the Imperial tongue of the Splinter. She is passionate and compelling when speaking with individuals, but lacks the strength to project to a crowd. She lacks technical knowledge, but can often cover for that with her ability to see a few seconds into the future.

If pressed into a fight, Starsight will be almost impossible to strike. She’ll choose to take a hit only when it gives her an advantage. In her current state it’s difficult for her to strike back. She often brings an honor guard when meeting with newcomers – not because she knows they’ll attack, but because it sets a good precedent for others to be wary. She’s more likely to take small, strange actions around the battlefield than to strike others directly. Sometimes these set up her eventual victory. Sometimes they’re just to frighten her opponents into thinking that she’s setting up victory. Sometimes that’s enough. Starsight is well aware of the effectiveness of psychological warfare.

Supporting Characters

  • Fenek, her physical assistant at Clearwater. Brutish, gentle, compassionate.
  • Uhara, Clearwater’s construction foreman. Businesslike, loud, careful.
  • Otilando, who leads Clearwater’s (mostly unsuccessful) hunters. Demanding, intrepid, worried.
  • Mesha, who keeps an eye on the Straits of Silk in case River Island comes to finish them off. Observant, calm, bored.


  • What does Starsight foresee when it comes to Creation?
  • Can Starsight see the past?

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