Yatna Modan, the Badlander


Yatna Modan lived in the gutters and the wilderness even before the Weapon came. He may have been from a noble family, but it was far in his past. He hunted for food, scavenged and bartered for what he couldn’t make himself. It was a hermit’s life, but it was an honest one, and better than the one he had lived before.

After the gods died, his life changed in unexpected ways. For him, the roads had always been dangerous. The appearance of raiders was nothing new. Yatna Modan thus became one of the only people who traveled between the towns in the newly-christened Badlands. At first this didn’t mean much, but as Modan saw more families in trouble, more towns abandoned, it slowly dawned on him that these people needed help more than he did.

Modan turned his hunting skills against the raiders. He found caches left behind by the military as they withdrew. He scavenged supplies for innocent survivors – sometimes entire towns lived because of him. He was always too bashful to show his face. That’s when he heard of Starsight and her new settlement, Clearwater. He went to see it out of plain curiosity. When he saw that they might have a chance to survive, he started sending other people their way. Starsight recruited him not long afterward. He does more or less what he did before – hunting raiders, leaving supplies for villages – but now the people know of his deeds. Yatna Modan is a hero to Clearwater. The feeling has transformed his life.

Right now Modan is also sitting on the largest stock of old military hardware in the southeastern continent. It does him little good – most of it is designed for users with an awakened essence – but he knows a treasure when he sees one. He’s considering whether to bring these to Clearwater, or whether that would create a worse problem.


The Badlander 500

Most people who see Modan only see a short, stocky figure with a complex sort of bow, a gas mask, full-body clothing, and a rucksack full of supplies. The majority never see him at all. Beneath the clothing is a grizzled man with bad teeth and a rough-cut beard. His eyes and skin are the same deep brown color. The beard is shot with grey streaks.


Modan rarely speaks when he’s “on a mission” (as he puts it). He grunts; he points; he gives a few terse words and warns people about coming danger. He doesn’t try to insult anyone, but he’ll call people stupid if they insist on staying in their homes when the world’s ending around them. When Starsight or someone else with authority talks to him, he generally stands still and listens, then nods and moves off. If he disagrees (and if he thinks that talking will make a difference) he’ll speak in a rough, stuttering voice.

Intimacies: “I will be the hero we need.” (Defining), “The people of Clearwater” (Major, Positive), “Starsight” (Positive), “The Yatna family” (Negative), “Find out what happened”


Having lived on his own in the woods for over a decade, Modan is more than capable of handling himself in the wilderness. This includes both the ordinary forests and plains that covered the Blessed Continent before the death of the gods, and the metallic hills and rust deserts that have spread since those times. He’s a good hunter and forager. Animals generally like him right away, and those that don’t will at least avoid him.

For someone over fifty years old, Modan is in peak physical condition. He’s lean and agile. He can swim in both water and the Continent’s massive oil rivers. He’s trained and well-practiced with a bow.

On the other side, he’s barely talked to anyone in ten years. He sings to himself once in a while, and has a surprisingly nice voice, but he has a lot of difficulty talking to people. This is amplified if there are several people talking to him at once. Beneath his badlander’s mask, his face and teeth show the effects of past malnutrition.

In a fight, Modan uses his scavenged bow and homemade arrows to perforate his enemies from a distance. If someone closes on him he’ll pull out a wicked pair of tungsten daggers, heavier than lead and sharper than steel. He prefers not to let people get close enough. If he sees raiders, he’ll injure one or two off from long range and frighten them off rather than trying to kill them all.

Supporting Characters

  • Alrac, who fills his waterskins when he comes to Clearwater. Curious, graceful, quiet.
  • Rewara, whom he rescued from the raiders a year ago. Outspoken, compassionate, grateful.
  • Oklo, a raider whose sister he killed a few months ago. Angry, driven, vengeful.
  • Vekilo, who was a hermit with Modan before he became a hero. Reclusive, cowardly, scattered.


  • What was Yatna Modan doing before he was a hermit? Was he a criminal? Why did he need to leave his family?
  • Would Modan join the No Memory if offered the chance, or would he stay here to protect Clearwater more directly?

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