Done with the Splinter

…and that’s it for the Splinter of the Machine!

I hope you enjoyed reading these characters. I intend to return to this setting in the future, a few months or a year from now. I even have some stock art specifically set aside for it. For now, we turn back to more traditional Exalted fare:

The Pearl of the Realm

Southeastern Threshold is a mosaic of sultanates and satrapies. Nestled between its lakes is a land known as the Pearl of the Realm. This dominion has been a tributary of the Empire for centuries with little complaint. From pearls and rare medicines to sticky rice and dried fish, they provide the Great Houses with things both beautiful and necessary. Their people are peaceful. Their gods are orderly.

All of that stopped this year.

No tribute came. No pearls, no rice. Not even worship. The region’s dragon lines, once coursing with prayer and the lifeblood of the world, thinned to a trickle. Suddenly, this nation finds itself under scrutiny from all sides. Are the land’s rulers turning against the Realm? Are the gods warring with one another? Is corruption spreading? And what of the dark shapes seen swimming in the lakes? There is nothing here but opportunity – if you have the power to take it.

Will you seize the pearl?


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