For those who might be interested in other games in the general vein of Exalted, there’s a game called Godbound that’s kickstarting right now. It’s the same folks who made the highly-esteemed Stars Without Number, among other things. It’s done with old-school D&D-style rules, but altered substantially – which is a lot like saying that Exalted 3rd uses the same rules as Vampire: the Masquerade, but altered substantially.

Quick excerpt from the beta PDF:

Godbound drive back the creatures of night. They defeat monsters and renegade gods that no mortal could hope to overcome. They dare the terrible Night Roads to reach the broken shards of Heaven or the seething flames of Hell, there to mend the damaged engines that support their home realm or plunder its riches out from under the shadow of angelic wings.

…Even as novice Godbound, even as a hero new to your powers, you can stand against the mightiest mortal heroes of your realm. You can work miracles by your raw will, or mold the natural laws around you in obedience to your divine Words. There is no greater authority to command you. There is no God on the Throne to tell you what is right and what is wrong. There is only your will, and your choice, and the world you wish to make. Together with your allies you will shape a realm fit to your desires, or you will be destroyed by the unnumbered legions that rise up to thwart your holy will.

So, uh, yeah, I kind of like high-powered gaming, and they can count me in.

Now, for the really cool part: the characters on Stranger Creations are going to be dual-statted. When you finally see their stats, (some are done, but I’m waiting for Certain Events before putting them out), you’ll see not only blocks for Exalted 3rd, but also for Godbound. Godbound characters are roughly on par with 100-XP Solars (and well above where one usually sees Dragon-Blooded), so this will often include some advice as to how to adjust either the character or their place in the setting to properly fit a different power level.

I’m pretty psyched to be able to support two different game lines, and I hope you enjoy it.


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