Update on the Pearl

Writing for the Pearl is going very well. I have about half of the characters done completely, maybe four more who are almost complete, and three who have just skeletal outlines or just one section done. I’m hoping to finish things up this weekend and early next week, and start posting next weekend. It’s a really fun group.

The first pass of the map is done. It’s a large area – 750 kilometers across! Heavily populated! – but a good portion of that is water. The second pass will add place names, and maybe a little color adjustment if it’s needed. I may need to do a zoomed box showing the  area where the majority of the NPCs live in greater detail. Having info about the larger region is important to me, but it’s also important to have several NPCs concentrated in the same place so that it doesn’t take the PCs forever to get from one important place to another. Smaller regions increase the potential for narrative tension.

The relationship diagram is also done. It’s pretty tightly interlocked. I wanted to give every NPC multiple ways in which the PCs might find them or interact with them. There are some places where I need to revise it, or to touch up character descriptions to correctly reflect the diagram. It’s tough to balance “Everyone connects to everyone” with “Why hasn’t this scenario already resolved yet?”

I might have quietly dubbed the three people in the center of the diagram the “Friendship is Magic” group.

Artwork is going quickly, which is nice. This setting is using colored brush strokes behind the characters to set them off. It’s not to represent anima banners (like the circles were in Athanor), it’s just a stylistic choice.


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