V’neef Detla, Sorceress


Detla was born in squalor, in the jungles of the East. Her young mother was Chosen by the Dragon of Fire during her very birth, and despite the flames wreathing her, Detla was delivered whole and unharmed.

As an outcaste Dragon-Blood, Detla’s mother was hunted by the Fair Folk of the jungle, who saw her as an invader. Their life was hard. Detla’s home was a cradleboard on her mother’s back. Then, when Detla was five years old, her mother was taken in by the king of Rhadaster, one of the thousand young kingdoms that litter the scavenger lands. Her upbringing was still difficult, but the challenge was now to unlearn fear rather than merely to survive. Eventually her inner strength and the compassion of her new family won out.

Unfortunately, one of the Fair Folk who hated her mother had never really given up. One of them hid within their new allies, flitting from dream to dream, watching Detla until she was old enough to teach. Detla learned within her dreams of the dragon-chains that trapped the world and repressed its full potential. She was taught how to coax that potential out – how to birth wonders from the wildness of the world. She was fourteen when she first hesitatingly tried to do the things that her dreams promised her were possible.

The essence of the wood dragon within her flared that day, hard and yielding at the same time, wild and cultivated all at once. The growing corruption within her was met with an essence that spoke to her through heritage and upbringing, and the two clashed to a standstill.

Detla’s mother found her unconscious in the middle of a field transformed by wyld energies, where crops had become glass and the earth churned with burrowing sandy wasps. She took her quickly, traveling toward a place she had heard of in rumors: a place where madness receded and illness could be cured. Her destination was the Pearl of the Realm and V’neef Kharavi. During this journey, Detla recovered, but her mother was badly injured by the very same raksha who had caused all this trouble. The creature died in the conflict – she thinks – but her mother was still badly hurt.

Now it was Detla’s turn to shoulder her mother. She carried her across the miles, following her whispered and feverish directions, finding food and water by some strange instinct. Eventually she came to Sandpiper in the Pearl, and to V’neef Kharavi.

Sadly, Detla’s mother was too far gone. She passed away peacefully, free from pain, after a final conversation with her daughter. She was placed upon a traditional burial ship, set afire upon the lake. After a mourning period, V’neef Kharavi adopted Detla. Though things have not been easy between them for the past two years, Detla’s heart is slowly healing.


Vneef Detla 500

Tall and strong, with flowing dark-brown hair. Detla’s large brown eyes are streaked with kohl. Her skin is a light brown, with a bindi on her forehead. Her clothing is is mostly whites and reds. She wears a large amount of jewelry (not uncommon for this region), especially pearls and gold. Much of this has been given to her by the locals, who see her as Kharavi’s eventual successor and would like to get on her good side early. Her voice is sometimes rough and often wavering.


Unconfident, hesitating, but independent. Detla has difficulty believing that anyone will be in her life for very long. While experience tells her that most people will be kind to her in the moment, she can’t bring herself to rely on them for the long run. She is respectful, but still young and emotional, prone to the occasional outburst. Impostor syndrome runs deep in her. Nevertheless, Detla’s courage is still there inside her. The strength that led her to the Pearl comes out when she needs it, and those who spend long enough with her will not fail to notice it.

Detla has trouble accepting her sorcerous powers. Her mother told her to use make raksha’s gifts her own – to master them, lest she be mastered by them. However, at the same time, she sees them as part of the thing that killed her mother. She prefers to practice where no one else can see – it may be that she feels ashamed. Then again, she may be working some magic that she would prefer others not know about.

She calls Kharavi “grandmother.”

Intimacies: “The Fair Folk” (Major, Negative), “My mother and her memory” (Major, Positive), “V’neef Kharavi” (Positive), “Klatang ‘Emashi” (Positive), “Vatli Butterfly” (Positive). Detla is in a tough place in her life right now, and has no defining intimacy.


In her younger years Detla learned to forage, hide, and run. Her time in Rhadaster expanded her horizons immensely, and she learned several languages, a bit of calligraphy, dancing, riding, and swordplay. Most importantly, she learned how to interact with other people. She never truly became skilled at social politics, but she stopped being the “forest child” that Rhadaster took in and started being a young dynast. She especially enjoyed learning about music and mathematics, and the connections between the two.

When she erupted as a Wood-aspect, Detla gained additional senses for food and water in the wilderness, and a heightened sense of smell that revealed the emotional states of people and animals. She alone in the Pearl is able to tell what Kharavi is really feeling at any given time. She is still young, her talent still blooming, and there are many ways she may learn to direct her essence in the future.

Detla was taught much of the secret ways of Creation and the Wyld in her dreams. She has spent much time puzzling out what of this was the truth, and what was lies. She has great undeveloped power as a sorceress, drawing on both the power of the wyld and the might of the Wood Dragon. She primarily uses this for long-term sorcerous workings. At the moment she knows only two spells. One of them allows her and those nearby to walk up mountainsides, stride through water up to her neck, or pass through thick vegetation as easily as if she were walking across a clean floor. The other spell covers her in impressive gossamer plate armor and gives her a weapon of her desire made of refracted light. She will need more formal instruction before she is truly able to meet her potential.

Supporting Characters

  • Rhadamathala, a princess of Rhadaster who befriended Detla. Kindly, curious, shrewd.
  • Chantak Atla, a servant of Kharavi’s who has been assigned as Detla’s handmaiden. Quick-witted, subservient, brave.
  • Tak’ta Ocha, a local smith who admires Detla. Absent-minded, strong, heartbroken.
  • Vewchat Tratloa, a fortune-teller who fears Detla’s power. Dramatic, blunt, experienced.


  • Has Detla worked to change the dragon lines here? What act of sorcery might she be attempting if she were the one absorbing their essence?
  • Did Detla or her mother actually kill the raksha that had been hounding her all these years? If not, what happened to it?
  • Does the family who had taken in Detla and her mother wonder what happened to them? Have they sent someone to find them and bring them back safe? How would they react to Kharavi’s adoption of Detla?

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