Battle Group Generator

If you’re running a game with a lot of large-scale battles in Exalted, this will probably come in handy for you. Here’s a…

Battle Group Generator!

Select your group, set the size, drill, and might, and you’ll get the stats for it immediately. It uses the stats for various likely battle groups from the corebook. And let me tell you, Fair Folk Cataphracts are absolutely terrifying.

We’ve got…

  • Conscripts
  • Battle-Ready Troops
  • Nomadic Horse-Archers
  • Lintha Reavers
  • Elite Troops
  • Brides of Ahlat
  • Automata
  • Zombies
  • War Ghosts
  • Bonesiders
  • Blood Apes
  • Fair Folk Cataphracts
  • Fair Folk Hobgoblins
  • Silverwights
  • Buck-Ogres

Let me know if there’s anything you’d like added to this.


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