Progress on X

My day job involves lots of computer use. I make online courses – hard to do that with a Sharpie. I only get so much computer time per day – eventually, my tendons complain and my eyes refuse to focus. Since work has been super-busy recently, I haven’t had much typing capability left when I got home. Often it’s been none. Today I got to sneak in an hour and a half when I got home, and made good use of it.

Demon City Project X (currently its official name) is finally moving forward. I wrote about 2 pages today. If I can even do half a page per day I’ll be happy; any progress is good progress.

One of the other things that’s been eating up my typing allotment is some major involvement in the Onyx Path Exalted forums. There have been a lot of threads there recently about making the forums more welcoming to newcomers, especially to women, and I’ve been a major advocate for that. I’m glad to see some of my efforts starting to pay off, as other people take up the banner and march forward with it when my hands fail.


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