Project X Relationship Maps

Project X Mortal Relationship MapProject X Demon Relationship Map

The images above (click for larger versions) are relationship maps to help you understand and remember how the various NPCs of the Academy interact with one another. The top map is for the school’s mortal students; the bottom is for the demons that inhabit them.

For those who aren’t helped by a visual map, here’s the same information in list form:


  • Abigail is dating Mio, and teaching Henry
  • Anna is suspicious of Mei, used to date Everett, holds Olivia in disdain, lusts after Rui, and is being manipulated by Soma.
  • Declan is dating Honoka, being trained by Mei, and has an uncertain rivalry with Rui.
  • Evelyn is being hunted by Honoka, and is friends with Ryota
  • Everett is dating Mio, used to date Henry, is using Miyu, is trying to redeem Olivia, and used to date Anna. Mei is his friend and comrade.
  • Henry used to date Everett and Mio. He is teaching Abigail, and has a friendly rivalry with Miyu.
  • Honoka is hunting Evelyn and Ryota to recruit them. She is close friends with Mei, and currently dating Declan.
  • Mei is friends with Honoka, and long-time comrades with Everett. She hates Rui, and is suspicious of Anna. Ryota is her sensei.
  • Mio is dating both Abigail and Everett. She used to be involved with Henry. She is suspicious of Ryota.
  • Miyu is being used by Everett, and she and Olivia hate one another. Henry is her friendly rival.
  • Olivia and Miyu can’t stand each other. Everett is trying to redeem Olivia, though she doesn’t know why. She has disdain for Anna, and is being manipulated by Soma.
  • Rui lusts after Anna, and is being manipulated by Soma. Declan and he are uncomfortable rivals. He knows that Mei hates him, but doesn’t care.
  • Ryota is friends with Evelyn, and suspicious of Mio. He is Mei’s sensei. He doesn’t know that Honoka is recruiting him.
  • Soma is manipulating Rui, Anna, and Olivia.


  • Ameria, She Who Reviled Form, views Rishimoro with scorn and Degata with disgust. She lusts after Kettering.
  • Catamira, the Broken Hand, is allied with Iskonu, enemies with Zerith, and hates Geggath.
  • Degata, Destiny’s Raiment, is disgusted by Ameria. She regrets past events with Kettering, and knows not of Shotindo’s pride in her.
  • Eleda, The Falling Edge of Sorrow, is bitter toward Shotindo and in love with Mrith.
  • Geggath, the Red Mist, hates Catamira, and is fascinated by Yondan.
  • Halvath, The Harbinger of Final Battle, is suspicious of Zerith and desires Iskonu.
  • Iskonu, the Hound of Destiny, desires Halvath and is allied with Catamira.
  • Kettering, He Whom The World Denies, regrets how things went with Degata, lusts after Ameria, and views Lemeth with terror.
  • Lemeth, That Without Pity, envies Rishimoro, and is wary of Yondan. She laughs at Kettering’s terror.
  • Mrith, the Unheard Truth, is jealous of Rishimoro, is in debt to Iskonu, and loves Eleda.
  • Rishimoro, The Queen with the Coral Heart, scorns Ameria and envies Lemeth. She knows of Shotindo and Mrith’s feelings, but feels little in return.
  • Shotindo, the Wheel of Light, is proud of Degata, longs for Rishimoro, and is bitter toward Eleda.
  • Yondan, the Flame Without Fuel, is wary of Lemeth, is fascinated by Geggeth, and is sibling to Zerith.
  • Zerith, She Without Flaw, is siblings with Yondan, enemies with Catamira, and suspicious of Halvath.

Special note: The “Questions” sections in each character’s description lists the questions that the characters have about their own lives and the strange existence they have in the Contorted Blocks. Unlike characters in other settings, these aren’t questions for the GM to answer.

Here’s which character is bonded with which demon:

  • Abigail – Shotindo, The Wheel of Light
  • Anna – Eleda, The Falling Edge of Sorrow
  • Declan – Halvath, The Harbinger of Final Battle
  • Evelyn – Mrith, The Unheard Truth
  • Everett – Iskonu, The Hound of Destiny
  • Henry – Yondan, The Flame Without Fuel
  • Honoka – Lemeth, That Without Pity
  • Mei – Geggath, The Red Mist
  • Mio – Rishimoro, The Queen with the Coral Heart
  • Miyu – Catamira, The Broken Hand
  • Olivia – Degata, Destiny’s Raiment
  • Rui – Zerith, She Without Flaw
  • Ryota – Kettering, He Whom the World Denies
  • Soma – Ameria, She Who Reviled Form

Other Resources

If your players are creating new characters for use in this setting, here are some additional resources that they may find useful.

Blood Types

Each of the characters of this setting has a blood type listed in their writeup. For those unfamiliar with “blood type personality theory,” we present the traditional archetypes of that schema below.

  • Type A: Earnest, patient, mature, reliable, stubborn, perfectionist.
  • Type B: Creative, active, wild, laid-back, lazy, selfish, irresponsible
  • Type AB: Rational, adaptable, calm, controlled, indecisive, critical
  • Type O: Social, artistic, passionate, determined, jealous, arrogant

Sample Demon Titles

  • Feigo, The Sieve of Destinies
  • Tesari, The Last Breath of Winter
  • Petramba, That Which Water Defends
  • Beltha, The Street Beyond the Door
  • Tevech Kat, Keeper of the Forbidden Library
  • Oto-ufo, The Watcher on the Tower
  • Uomo, The Shepherd of the Stars
  • Aaso-aman, Divider of That which was Whole
  • Wochan, The Knife of the Return
  • Cerid Banneth, Wanderer on Folded Horizons
  • Re’rezath, The Red Wood’s Soil
  • Ghaden, The Hinge that Swings the Sky
  • (–), Whose Name is All

Suggested Female Names

Akari, Amelia, Aoi, Arabella, Ava, Charlotte, Chloe, Cora, Eleanor, Emily, Esme, Haruka, Hina, Hinata, Ichika, Isla, Koharu, Kokona, Lucy, Luna, Mia, Momoka, Penelope, Rin, Rio, Saki, Sakura, Yui, Yuna

Suggested Male Names

Asher, Atticus, Austin, Elliot, Ezra, Graham, Haru, Haruki, Haruto, Hayato, Jasper, Kai, Kaito, Koki, Kota, Lachlan, Lincoln, Matthew, Oliver, Riku, Ryusei, Silas, Sosuke, Sota, Theo, Yuito, Yuki, Yusei, Yuto


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