Abigail – Shotindo, The Wheel of Light

Abigail 500

Blood Type: AB


Abigail is often distracted by her own thoughts, both in class and with her friends. She stares off into the distance, coming to attention only for loud noises or jostling. Some find her standoffish, but really she’s calm, introspective, and wistful. She’s a forgetful friend, willing to help but often failing to recall appointments and get-togethers until it’s too late. She’s dutiful but absent-minded, which means she often feels a little guilty.

Both Mio and Everett have approached Abigail about…  well, something. They weren’t very clear about it. They seemed to think that some kind of big, dangerous event was coming and that her help would be needed. Abigail agreed to help, but isn’t quite sure what that will mean. They’ll probably tell her more about it when things become important, right? Until then, she’ll concentrate on schoolwork, the sword… and Mio.

Abigail does become emotional, and even passionate, around Mio. She’s never felt this way around anyone before. Her friends are as surprised by this as she is. They normally think of her as the mousy, rational one, and here she is dating one of the most desirable girls at school. When someone pulls her out of her daydreams enough to ask her about it, she tends to blush a lot.

Class Schedule

Calculus (A+), Advanced Chemistry (A), Senior English (B+), Comparative Religion (A), Anatomy (A), Music Theory (A)


Abigail: Abigail and Henry are tutors to one another, leading to mutual respect (major): he teaches her the art of the sword, to control Taidesu, and she instructs him in mathematics and science. Abigail is also dating (major) Mio, an tempestuous relationship that she did not expect but that she values greatly. Her standoffish nature means that she has few other close relationships. She believes that hard work should be rewarded (defining).

Shotindo: Shotindo is bitter (major) at Eleda, the Falling Edge of Sorrow, for actions taken during the fight they had over the katana Taidesu. She is also proud (major) of Degata, Destiny’s Raiment, for her hard work and ruthless independence. Finally, she feels a deep and intense longing (major) for Rishimoro, the Queen with the Coral Heart – the queen’s beauty has captured Shotindo’s heart, and perhaps made her a bit obsessed.


Abigail is a smart and perceptive student. She’s good at both memorizing facts and applying principles. She takes piles of notes, not that she ever needs to read them. The only scholastic areas in which she doesn’t immediately understand what she’s taught are those with built-in ambiguity: poetry, for example. She plays the violin exceptionally well on a technical level, but can’t improvise.

Abigail wields the katana Taidesu, the frozen blade that steals the heart’s warmth. This superbly balanced blade trails ice crystals as she pours essence into it. Even a scratch from Taidesu infects her opponent with a freezing essence that lock up their joints (treat as poison: no damage, just a -5 penalty with 10-round duration). This helps to compensate for her mediocre swordfighting. She practices hard and can execute a dozen forms without mistake, but when it comes to an actual fight she’s been beat by both Olivia and Anna.

Shotindo grants Abigail superhuman insight and vision. Neither hidden objects nor difficult conclusions escape her. Living beings can still evade her – perhaps a result of Abigail’s inward-seeking mind. Abigail sees rays of light indicating the things she seeks, or words in a language she instinctively understands that describe solutions to problems. The harder she focuses, the more Shotindo feeds her. The demon appears as a faint taurus of white light in Abigail’s eyes when she engages in battle, slowly growing to surround her head at eye level. Those who try to grasp the ring at full brightness will be lucky not to lose a finger.


  • Where did I find Taidesu?
  • I feel duty toward my family – why can’t I envision them?

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