Anna – Eleda, The Falling Edge of Sorrow

Anna 500

Blood Type: O


Anna is an unhappy, petulant kid who’s tired of always being left behind and always coming in second to someone else. She feels like everyone’s out to hurt her. Therefore, she doesn’t mind hurting others. She’s often cruel in her speech and actions. Nothing is off-limits to her, and there’s no card she won’t play if it has enough emotional punch to it.

Life was an unending, changeless drone. It was a buzzing in Anna’s ears that drowned out any sort of individuality and left only a bleak, whining sound in its wake. The buzzing was her teachers. She worked hard; they just gave her more work. The whine was her fellow students. They ate up the work like it was candy. She has recreated some of this mental dissonance for her music class; her teachers find it “daring” and “talented.” She thinks they’re idiots.

Soma approached Anna first out of the malcontents of the Academy, sensing Anna’s resentment with things-as-they-are. She intimated that there would be a big shake-up coming, one that would end up with most of Anna’s rivals out of the picture. On one hand, Anna’s skepticism kept her from believing most of what Soma said. On the other hand, she figured that any kind of change would have to be better. She’ll be Soma’s thumbscrews if Soma can actually follow through on the chaos she’s promising. If Soma backs out, Anna is ready to run her through.

Sometimes, when Anna sees something bad happen to someone, it takes her a moment to decide that they had it coming. There’s a positive impulse in her that she’s intentionally pushing down. Whether this makes her redeemable or despicable is in the eyes of the beholder.

Class Schedule

Senior English (D), Philosophy (B), Calculus (C), Music Theory (A), Ancient History (D), Anatomy (C)


Anna: Anna and Mei are suspicious (major) of one another, each knowing that battle lines are being drawn in this world and that they are likely on opposite sides. She dated Everett for a time, but they are angry (major) at one another now – and who can blame them? Anna and Rui‘s lust (major) for one another broke apart her and Everett. Though she works beside Olivia, the two disdain (major) each other for their diametrically opposed fighting approaches. She works with Soma, but is allied with her cause of destruction (major) rather than with Soma herself. The fact that Everett seems to be on the other side is nothing but icing on the cake. She believes that the strong deserve what they can take (defining).

Eleda: Eleda is bitter (major) at Shotindo, the Wheel of Light, for winning the fight they had over the katana Taidesu. It is also in love (major) with Mrith, the Unheard Truth, whose secrecy and coquettish nature infatuate Eleda.


Anna has been training at one thing or another since she was a young child. Gymnastics, sports, swordplay, piano, and more. Much was expected of her, and she drove herself to deliver. Then something happened – she doesn’t remember exactly what – and she didn’t care any more. It all seemed like a waste of time, everything from her piano recitals to her friends. What did it matter if she wasn’t going to win?

Now she focuses on just that. Her cutting remarks and quick wit can wear down her foes as easily as her blade. She knows just how to get under someone’s skin; how to make them feel like trash. She’s not brilliant, but she’s smart enough to seek out someone’s emotional weak points, and ruthless enough to exploit them. In swordplay, she’s a master of both the sacrificial strike and the simultaneous block/strike, taking as little damage as possible on herself while making her blade strike home. Her gymnastics training comes in handy when it’s time to pull back and let someone bleed out for a while. The skills she trained as a child aren’t gone; most of them are just a little rusty. It’s more her own unwillingness to appear weak that prevents her from using them.

Eleda feeds directly into that. The more Anna despises someone, and the less she loves herself, the more Eleda enhances her assaults. Her sword gains weight as it strikes, shearing through bone and metal alike as it falls. Eleda gathers stormclouds when Anna fights. The wind, rain, and thunder drive her foes off-balance while she herself remains in a balanced state of calm and fury, backlit by lightning, sneering pitilessly at her opponent.


  • Why did I stop training?
  • What am I going to do when they’re all dead?



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