Declan – Halvath, The Harbinger of Final Battle

Declan 500

Blood Type: O


Declan is struggling. Academically he’s doing well; socially, he’s been having trouble connecting. Through no fault of his own, people find him intimidating. They avoid him in the halls and back down from fights. Everett, Mei, and Honoka are the only folks who will give him a hard critique. He suspects that even some of his teachers are afraid of him. He’s a young man looking to test himself, and no one will give him the test.

In his spare time, Declan writes. He has notebooks full of stories that pull at his soul — tales of a world with more color, more life than the one in which he lives. A glittering sea. The burning desert. Men and women of action and mystique. A mountain in the distance, impossibly large. And in the sky, the same beautiful moon that floats above the Contorted Blocks. It has meaning to him, and he can’t stop writing about it.

Declan values Honoka very much. Beyond their physical relationship, he also finds her very intelligent and grounded. He moves more with his gut; she plans and thinks. His poems about her aren’t about her beauty – they’re about how she’s the best thing that ever happened to him. He may rely on her regularly, but he doesn’t take her for granted. Their relationship may actually be the healthiest one in the entire Academy.

Class Schedule

Senior English (B), Poetry and Verse (A), Journalism (A), Precalculus (B), Chemistry (B+), Ancient Languages (B)


Declan: Declan and Rui have long been rivals (major) in their martial training – not yet enemies, though it might turn that way through insult or accident. Recently, Mei has been training him in swordplay, for which he is grateful (major), though he is still more comfortable with his fists as weapons. He and Honoka are dating (major), and though they have very different approaches to life, they strive to be respectful of one another. He believes that everyone needs to prove themselves (defining), including himself.

Halvath: Halvath desires (major) Iskonu, the Hound of Destiny, though their love is forbidden by the Demon City itself. It is also suspicious (major) of Zerith, She Without Flaw. Halvath believes that nothing is truly without flaw, and that Zerith must be hiding something.


Declan is a fast and punishing bare-handed fighter. Against opponents with weapons he moves inside their range quickly, unloading kidney shots and uppercuts. Against other brawlers he’ll block them for a bit, suss them out, and come in with devastating blows once he has their pattern down. If he has one weakness, it’s that he can’t yet handle himself well in a grapple, and lacks the footwork to stay out of one.

In school, Declan’s best subjects are those where his inner poetry comes out. He’s excellent at writing and composing. He has both an innate talent for it and the drive to learn all the rules of grammar and punctuation that make him a sought-after editor. He has more trouble with subjects where the rules can’t be bent.

Halvath’s appearance will herald the end of the world one day. It will come behind him like the wake of a boat. For now, this destiny eludes him, and he waits. In preparation, Halvath brings bad luck and ill omens that can be easily dismissed as superstition. None of them have any real effect, and yet everyone has somehow already (subconsciously) connected them to Declan. Declan tries hard to connect with people, to be seen as meek and unassuming, and Halvath’s influence turns that frightening. However, through Halvath’s influence, Declan has learned to see trouble as it comes. He is impossible to surprise. He sees breakups coming. He can’t always change the event, but he can prepare for it.

On the rare occasions when Declan gets into a fight, Halvath’s fear factor slows his opponents, making them pause while he takes advantage of their hesitation. The longer a fight goes on, the more the world visibly bends around Declan, as if he were a black hole of destiny that will one day swallow the world.


  • What’s wrong with me that everyone avoids me?
  • Why do these stories feel so real to me?

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