Evelyn – Mrith, The Unheard Truth

Evelyn 500

Blood Type: O


Abigail is accidentally distant from others. Declan wants to connect but can’t. Evelyn is distant on purpose. She’s not an introvert, she just worries that everyone secretly hates her and will never tell her to her face.

Evelyn skips class on a regular basis, and skips detention as well. She’s on the edge of being kicked out of school. She remembers at least a dozen meetings where the vice-principal warned her that she might be expelled if she kept up this behavior. She just bows her head and apologizes over and over until they let her out of the meeting. Her teachers don’t understand why she doesn’t just apply herself and pass. She reads their frustration and disappointment with her all too well.

Ironically, Evelyn spends most of her time out of class studying and training in the park. Sometimes it’s for class; sometimes she practices her swordplay; but she’s never just loafing in the woods. Most of those class projects never get turned in.

She can’t quite explain why she’s become a hermit like this. She doesn’t mind Ryota’s company on the rare occasions that they cross paths. She wants to go back to the school… but fear drapes around her when she thinks of it, and she goes back to her solo practice.

Class Schedule

Senior English (D), Precalculus (D), Comparative Religion (C), Chemistry (F), Anatomy (C), Ancient Languages (F)


Evelyn: Evelyn counts Ryota as one of her few friends (major), at least outside of the school environment where his word is law. She has no idea that Honoka is looking for her and intending to recruit her. She feels like she’s better off on her own (minor), but also feels lonely and desires human contact (minor). She believes that perfection will bring her peace (defining).

Mrith: Mrith is jealous (major) of Rishimoro, the Queen with the Coral Heart, who draws and holds the attention of others. Mrith also feels indebted (major) to Iskonu, the Hound of Destiny for aid rendered in a forgotten war long ago. Finally, Mrith is in love (major) with Eleda, the Falling Edge of Sorrow, drawn in by her sad beauty.


It’s not that Evelyn doesn’t understand people – just the opposite, in fact. She understands them too well. She’s painfully good at reading emotions in the faces and body language of others. She sees every little time when someone reacts badly to her, and remembers it, and can’t imagine being forgiven.

Evelyn is extremely hard-working. She puts in hours of sword training, making her fast and precise. She uses her katana in one hand and its sheath in the other. She’s put in enough time in her subjects to realize there are massive holes in what she and her fellow students are taught. (She imagines that they must already know this. Telling them would only draw their scorn.) She’s spent days in the city library, with its green windows and glass tables, only to realize that every book is a pile of circular references and logical fallacies. Unbeknownst to her, they’re still correct within the Contorted Blocks. Evelyn is surprisingly well-trained in the lore of this strange little world, and knows it better than any of her classmates.  She just doesn’t believe any of it at the moment, because it’s genuinely contradictory.

Mrith doesn’t help Evelyn’s self-esteem. Mrith is also known as the Unheard Truth of the World, and that truth is that the world is terrible. She points out flaws in all things: weak points in structures, techniques that leave the user open to attack, all the places a plan might fail. She doesn’t stop at externalities, either – Mrith tells Evelyn the places that she is weak, foolish, or slow. From Mrith’s point of view, she relentlessly drives Evelyn to improve herself. Not that it matters. Everything will still be terrible, even if everything is improved.

It’s better than nothing, probably.


  • Why haven’t I been expelled yet?
  • Why are the teachers telling us things that don’t make sense?

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