Everett – Iskonu, The Hound of Destiny

Everett 500

Blood Type: A


The whole school loves Everett. He’s been everyone’s friend, ever since he arrived a few years ago. He’s a hugger, always shaking hands, putting his hands on someone’s shoulder, patting a teammate on the back. The teachers have immense respect for him, especially since he uses his charisma to keep his classmates on task. If he’s a little late on assignments now and then, well, he makes up for it in other ways. How could such a nice young man not deserve a little leeway?

Everett also has a real problem with relationships. He inevitably tries to escalate every close friendship to romance. His handsome physique and winning smile mean that he often succeeds. (When he doesn’t, he sulks, wondering what’s wrong with him.) Everett is never aggressive with his paramours, but he hangs much of his self-image and self-esteem on his romantic success.

Everett is also a smooth liar. Right now he uses this mostly to talk his way out of assignments and bad grades. The more impact and importance someone has in his life, the more likely he is to lie to them. This is especially true with teachers — he feels a lot of pressure to make sure they think everything’s going fine — but it’s also becoming true with Mei as events at the Academy move forward.

He and Mei work well together. Everett wants to succeed in life, but he doesn’t seek out obstacles naturally. Mei does. She’ll find a dozen mountains before breakfast, and he trusts her opinion on which ones are important enough to climb. However, he’s not so sure that her current suspicions are correct. A conspiracy between all the teachers? His own classmates turning against him? Come on. He’s the man here. What could someone have against him?

Class Schedule

Senior English (B), Journalism (A), Precalculus (B), Music Theory (C), Chemistry (B), Economics (B)


Everett: Everett is at the center of a web of friends. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him. He and Mei have been comrades (major) in their training dojo since the beginning, knowing that they’re equally matched. His looks and gregarious nature give him a long litany of relationships: He’s currently dating (major) Mio, and feels like it could be serious. In the past, he has dated Anna (angry, major) and Henry (resentment, major), among others. He knows that Miyu feels something for him, but is using her (major) as part of his army against Soma. He sees something worth redeeming (major) in Olivia – whether that’s just because he finds her attractive, only he could say. Everett knows that your friends make you powerful (defining) and will go out of his way to make new friends and allies.

Iskonu: Iskonu desires (major) Halvath, the Harbinger of Final Battle, whom it would make into a fine and glorious lover. It is allied (major) with Catamira, the Broken Hand. Iskonu taught Catamira the secret of hunting one’s foes, and Catamira taught Iskonu how to rend the downed prey limb from limb. Mrith, the Unheard Truth is indebted to Iskonu for an event in the distant past. Iskonu cares little for this – indeed, it does not even remember the event – but it considers that Mrith may be useful (major).


Everett comes across as intelligent and charming, and both of those are true. However, he uses his charisma far more than his wit. His grades would be much higher if he’d apply both approaches. He’ll do fine in his courses even if he doesn’t really learn much from them. Journalism is the exception. Everett loves digging for a story, and genuinely cares about finding out the truth.

When it comes down to a fight, Everett swings hard. He tries to make every hit count. He’ll lean out of the way rather than parrying, and he’s not against taking a punch to deliver a punch. He’s also good on the inside, with elbows and knees striking repeatedly. He’s no good at locks or throws, but he’s strong and durable.

Iskonu is a ferocious beast of long limb and thick sinew. Its bite tears away the anchors that hold people to their meek lives, driving them toward a higher destiny. Now it is chained restlessly within Everett. Through him, it destroys old attachments and builds new ones. Everett can erode Intimacies through physical contact, but only those that hold someone back from taking action. He can likewise build Intimacies that promote personal initiative and build motivation. This works even within a fight. If his allies are holding back, a touch on a shoulder will change their feelings. If his foe is considering running or changing sides, even a light brush might be enough to convince them. Iskonu breaks physical restraints as well, letting Everett snap chains, escape grapples, and break out of locked rooms.

When Everett fights the world behind him darkens, showing outlines of a tunnel. Eventually the end of the tunnel can be seen, with Iskonu’s shape distantly outlined against a red sun.


  • Are Henry and I ever going to be friends again?
  • Why aren’t there any student clubs at this school? Why do I think there should be?

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