Henry – Yondan, The Flame Without Fuel

Henry 500

Blood Type: AB


Henry is surfacing after drowning.

When Henry was a kid, he was good at everything. He didn’t have to practice; he was just talented, so he did what he liked best. Without realizing it, he was only practicing a few things and relying on his natural ability everywhere else.

When he got to high school, that caught up with him. He crashed academically. At first he tried to just hide in his strengths – sports and martial arts – but he couldn’t avoid his poor grades. To this day he doesn’t know why they decided to keep him at the Academy. It was depressing. It felt like one day he was perfect, and the next (well, two years later, really) he was a mess. He drove away a few friends and lost some relationships along the way.

Eventually, with some help from Abigail and a healthy rivalry with Miyu, his grades started recovering. He started understanding how important practice had been, started seeing his life differently. He knows he’ll never completely catch up, but he no longer blames himself for the failure.

Class Schedule

Senior English (B), Algebra II (C), Introductory Physics (C+), Psychology (B), Chemistry (C), Economics (C-)


Henry: Henry resents (major) his one-time lover Everett for “stealing” Mio from him, though in truth he and Mio had been unhappy with each other (major) even before then. He and Miyu are rivals (major), trying to one-up each other both in class and in battle – everyone is expecting them to be a couple soon. In truth, his most platonic relationship is with Abigail, whom he respects (major) as a science tutor and as a student of the sword arts. Henry understands that hard work should pay off (defining) and tries to make that happen for those around him.

Yondan: Yondan and Lemeth, That Without Pity, are wary (major) of one another, each expecting the other to strike without remorse. Yondan is also fascinated (major) with Geggath, the Red Mist, its movements drawing Yondan’s attention and desires. Finally, Yondan is a sibling (major) of Zerith, She Without Flaw, and this comes with all the exasperation and camaraderie that are typical of such relations. Yondan is the younger of the two.


Henry has a lot of physical gifts and not a lot of academic ability. He’s short on book-smarts and his memory stinks. He was a straight-A student through grade school, didn’t have to study until he his first year in high school, and then found the workload overwhelming compared to what he was used to. Abigail is tutoring him in math and science, and he’d be failing without her. He’s quite athletically gifted, however: he can do a standing backflip, repeat moves that he sees other people do, and handle complex weapons like seven-section staffs without injuring himself. A lot of his inner calm comes from his physical confidence.

As a student of the sword, Henry is probably one of the best in the Academy. He’s fast and powerful. His reflexes are phenomenal. He doesn’t predict his foes’ strikes; he sees them swing and moves to block them. He’s well-aware of his skill, and can be a little arrogant about it. This will be a real problem for him if he gets into a fight with Anna, who has surpassed him in swordplay over the past year.

Yondan energizes Henry. He can keep going seemingly forever, exercising for hours, studying without his brain getting tired. If not for the strange nature of the Contorted Blocks he would probably be able to stay up for a week without rest. Yondan’s inner fire also allows Henry to shrug off the effects of nerve pinches, stunning blows, and Abigail’s sword.

While Yondan grants Henry inexhaustible mental and physical stamina, he has nothing metaphysical to offer. Most of the other demons summoned by Raikon have powers that slant toward the magical or metaphorical. They can often nudge fate, enhance skill, or work to counter each others’ powers. Yondan’s only gift is boundless endurance.


  • Why was I never expelled?
  • Does Miyu like me?

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