Honoka – Lemeth, That Without Pity

Honoka 500

Blood Type: A


Honoka knows that something is going on.

She noticed Soma‘s disappearance. She’s seen Anna and Olivia hanging out together when she knows they hate each other. She sees Rui turning more bitter against Declan after he and Anna started dating. There’s something brewing amongst the senior class, and Honoka isn’t going to sit around and do nothing.

That doesn’t mean that she’s right about what’s happening. Honoka is actually worried that Everett is the source of all this. He could have done something to Soma, turned Rui against Declan, lied to Mei about it all, and only Olivia realizes that he’s dishonest. Not that she’s a fan of Olivia. No, Honoka needs other allies.She’s looking for Evelyn during free periods. She’s trying to track down Ryota after school. She’s sticking close to Declan. She’s watching her oldest friend Mei carefully.

Honoka hasn’t talked to anyone about this. From the outside, she’s still the same quiet, confident person who intimidates her classmates with her intensity. Only those who know her well will realize that she’s stepped back to become more of a cautious observer.

Meanwhile, Soma looks on from the shadows and laughs.

Class Schedule

Senior English (B), Poetry and Verse (B), Precalculus (C), Introduction to Government (A), Psychology (A), Anatomy (B)


Honoka: Despite not being very extroverted, Honoka is doing her damnedest to make connections for the cause. She and Mei have long been friends (major), since the two of them spent detention together in 4th grade. She knows that Ryota is Mei’s old sensei, and is attempting to recruit (major) him in anticipation of the coming battles. She’s also hunting (major) Evelyn for much the same purpose. She and Declan have been dating (major), and she trusts his heart, if not his impulses.

Lemeth: Lemeth is wary (major) of Yondan, the Flame without Fuel, knowing that its intensity may destroy any around it. It is envious (major) of Rishimoro, the Queen with the Coral Heart, for the way that she is beloved by all. Kettering, He Whom the World Denies, is terrified of Lemeth, and Lemeth laughs openly and viciously at this.


Honoka understands people pretty well. She’s great at predicting reactions and guessing motivations. (All the more irony that she has the situation at the Academy wrong.) She puts in a reasonable amount of work at school, but not enough to excel. She cares more about her personal pursuits than pleasing her teachers. In addition to her fighting practice, she enjoys modifying clothing and working with makeup, and helped Mei to develop her look.

Honoka is a smart and flexible pugilist. She’ll stay out of range for the first exchange or two, sussing out her opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and then switch up her own fighting style to take advantage. If she’s facing a wrestler, she’ll stay back and pepper her opponent with blows. If her foe is tall and strong of arm, she’ll move in to grapple. When she faces someone without discipline, she’ll tire them out. Against armed opponents she’ll often pick up a rock to “encourage” them to close the distance, and then grapple to disarm them.

Lemeth is the master of a thousand styles. Whenever things come together in a harmonious and coherent manner, Lemeth gains power. This can be a visual style – clothing, makeup, jewelry – or a fighting style – attack, defense, form – or even a musical style. What’s most important is creating a new approach to something that feels like it always belonged in the world. Things that are incoherent patchworks face Lemeth’s scorn.

Functionally, whenever Honoka brings her approach to a problem into harmony with the problem itself, Lemeth aids her. Yin-yang approaches are most favored. Novelty is encouraged. Conformity is viewed with disdain. If Honoka tries to keep the same approach at all times, or tries to break an existing pattern rather than blending with it and transforming it, Lemeth punishes her. Honoka’s stunts are enhanced; her regular actions are penalized. When she fights, the world near Honoka slowly becomes more and more saturated with color, and every punch and block resounds with world-shaking vibration.


  • Why is Mei working with Declan?
  • Where does Evelyn disappear to?

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